The Argument For Vaccinating Tourism Destinations

The Argument for vaccinating Tourism Destinations: Opening up the Philippine Tourism Market.

Now that the Philippines is in receipt of shipments of vaccines, and is looking to boost its economy, many locations are raising the argument for Vaccinating Tourism Destinations in their entirety.

Stakeholders in Boracay, which had a six month lockdown in 2018 for rehabilitation, as well as COVID-19 lockdowns since March 2020, are calling for the whole island to be vaccinated.  People can then visit Boracay knowing that they are better protected against the virus.  The island could also then be opened up to vaccinated International Tourists, flying direct in to Kalibo Airport.

Already there are concerns that domestic tourists, arriving since 1st June 2021 when Boracay re-opened to NCR tourists, have entered the island, checked in to hotels and later been removed for having faked their RT-PCR tests.  See 7 tourists caught in Boracay with Fake RT-PCR Test Result

Clearly the fines, Court Hearings and threats of persona non-grata (read our Visiting Boracay don’t try to fake it! article)  are not a deterrent to people, who happily take the risk of bringing the virus to the Island, in their desire to set foot on the islands beautiful White Beach.

Maybe they should be reminded that Boracay, doesn’t have an emergency hospital capable of treating residents who may become critically ill.  There is already talk of placing Aklan into Lockdown again, as hospitals in Kalibo struggle to cope with admissions of people with COVID-19 from elsewhere in the region.

The Argument for Vaccinating Tourism Destinations: The UK

The UK is seeing a boom in tourism, right now!  Whilst they didn’t specifically focus on vaccinating tourism destinations in the country, since January 2021 they have spearheaded a mass vaccination program, starting with people with comorbidities and vulnerabilities.  They have since worked their way across the population, going from age group to age group.

The UK is currently in school holiday mode. A nation of people who have been in and out of lockdown, and banned from travelling outside of their location, people are now posting photos of their holidays across the UK, creating vacation envy and sparking others to take holidays too.

The Argument for Vaccinating Tourism Destinations

Stakeholders and residents, certainly on Boracay, feel there is a strong argument for vaccinating tourism destinations, and not just Hospitality and Tourism staff.  Especially when there isn’t a hospital to cope with COVID patients, and when the islands main industry is tourism.

Vaccinating tourism destinations provides everyone with better protection, creating greater confidence among travelers wanting to take a holiday there.   It will also allow those destinations, with International Airports close by, to open up to vaccinated international tourists. Travel industry experts have certainly told us that people who have been vaccinated are keen to start travelling again.

Many countries and flight carriers have already trialed digital Vaccine Health Cards/Passports, allowing vaccinated travelers and business travelers to visit countries upon proof of having been vaccinated. Coming Soon: the Vaccine Passport!

“Proof of vaccines is easing travel restrictions to some places, and is the only way travelers can gain entrance to others……. A study by the rental search engine HomeToGo showed 54% of U.S. travelers plan on taking a trip within the first two months of getting vaccinated.”

Source cnbc

So what’s your opinion on vaccinating tourism destinations?

With many of the 41.2 million Hospitality and Tourism employees still out of work. A Philippine Hospitality Industry which is “on it’s knees”.  Should the DOT and DOH focus on fully vaccinating Tourism Destinations?  Particularly destinations which have nearby domestic and international airports.

Do you think the country can kick-start its tourism industry again by vaccinating tourism destinations; employees and residents? Leave a comment

What do you think?

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