Business Partner Resources

The RANGGO App is aimed specifically at the Hospitality, Tourism and Service industry’s rank & file employees, and the Businesses which employ them, with a range of great features and functions.

For our Industry Business Partners RANGGO App provides:

Company Profile | Employee Network| Event listing | Loyalty Deal upload | Job Listing Upload | Promo & Marketing Ads | HR Features | Employee/Business RANGGO Rank

RANGGO App Guides:

Front Page of the RANGGO App Guide for Creating a Business Partner Account


Read this guide for Creating a Business Partner Account

Create a RANGGO Business Partner Account today and access the following features:-



RANGGO Rank aimed at elevating and celebrating excellent customer service and good practices, with regular Rank Awards and prizes.



Business Partner PDF Guide for Creating & Redeeming a RANGGO App Loyalty Deal Cover Page


Opportunity to offer exclusive Loyalty Deals & Promo’s to encourage and build customer loyalty among our RANGGO Subscribers working in the industry.


Front Page image of the RANGGO App Guide for Creating Events for Business Partners


Create and Promote your Event and Peer Networking to build a sense of industry camaraderie and collective learning.



Front Page of the RANGGO App Guide for Creating & Loading Job Listings for Business Partner Accounts


Job Listings enable Business Partners to promote employment opportunities with an inbuilt subscriber Resume which can be sent direct to the business.



Grab the opportunity to secure competitively-priced Advertising Banners and Pop-up Ads placing your business fresh in the mind of RANGGO subscribers using the App.

The RANGGO Social Newsfeed is interactive & article rich promoting good practice & trending Service Standards.

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