Article image featuring a hotel. Article covers the Philippine Department of Tourisms announcement that hotels can open with 100% capacity if in GCQ or MGCQ areas
Hotels To Operate At 100% Capacity
Cover photo for an article about which destinations in the Philippines are open for domestic tourism Oct 2020
Domestic Tourism Hotspots
10 Tips for Coping With COVID Worries
10 Tips For Coping With COVID Worries
Philippine Hotels New Normal July 2020
The New Normal For Hotels PH


Ranggo Magazine features Jerry Del Rosario

SEE-KEE-HOR CAFE & HOSTEL: From Hospitality Worker to Hostel Owner

15 Success Tips from Jerry Del Rosario, Owner The Philippines offers great opportunities for those with ideas, passion and drive.  With a growing Philippine Hospitality Industry, which is set to expand in…


Rango Magazine: Ateneo partners with Le Cordon Bleu to offer 4 year BSc
Ateneo partners with Le Cordon Bleu to offer 4 year BSc

With their partnership with the prestigious, and oldest culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu, Ateneo de Manila University must be able to claim the biggest culinary scoop of the year! The formal inauguration…

LoveBoracay: One Year On From Closure

LoveBoracay:One Year On From Closure 26th April 2019 and it is one year since Boracay Island was closed to tourists. The island had been damned by the Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, as…

Boracay’s Open: first week

Cover photo: Finn Ronne Boracay’s Open: first week. Boracay’s Open; first week has passed and much is still to be done.   None should forget that the 26th October was only the Phase…

Inside Boracay: Opening Week

(cover photo by islander Jack Jarilla) Inside Boracay: Opening Week Boracay Opening Week, finally the island is open to tourists.  It has felt like both the longest 6 months, and also a…

Paraws line Cagban beach on opening day Boracay 2018
Boracay Opening in Pictures

Boracay Opening Day was one to remember for islanders and residents who flocked to Cagban Port to welcome the first official holidaymakers and listen to the opening speeches and displays put on…

Inside Boracay: Week 25

Cover Photo: DOT Boracay Field Office Inside Boracay: Week 25  It was to be expected that this ‘closure’ week, with the Opening Day of the Dry Run on the 15th October, was going…