MY RANGGO is an internationally distributed in-print, on-line and digital magazine with awesome interactive events and seminars! We seek to showcase, inspire, educate and entertain people in the accommodation, food & beverage (F&B), and service industries at-large.


Our Ethos has always been to strive for excellence within the travel and hospitality world; through the sharing of good practices and opportunities for growth. Ultimately, bringing about innovation and change to the lives of Philippines hospitality professionals.


To that end, we provide many useful and informative articles which can greatly and positively impact on the work environment and everyday lives of those working in the hospitality industry. In addition, the website also showcases resources such as seminars, jobs, classified ads and one of the largest directories in the country – all super relevant to the hospitality field; “Your Hospitality Hub”


Being the first of its kind in the Philippines, it is our fervent wish to foster a close-knit community within the hospitality and service industry that builds upon the synergies of those who get involved.


Our Story

MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines by Your Hospitality Hub is the brainchild of the people behind the travel and tours company, Go Discover Travel Inc. Go Discover Travel is a company which has always had the development of the Tourism market, from the perspective of the small and medium sized business, at the core of their business thinking.


Go Discover Travel were the first to bring an online travel agency to the Philippines complete with instant online booking technology. They were the first to promote the need for hotels to have their own websites and booking engines and made this technology, previously off limits to all except the large Hotel chains, affordable initially through the online travel agency World Hotel Links and later through their brand Hotel Links.


There were no specific guidebooks on how employees could excel in their jobs, or how to deal with certain situations. With the knowledge, insights, and passion for the industry as well as a craving to learn and share, a dedicated website was created in order to help out and bring together those involved in hospitality.


The aim is for readers to not only enjoy the articles, features and showcases, but to also participate as subscribers in bringing the community together. Whether by giving an opinion, or feedback, or by joining interactive events which honor the people behind-the-scenes of the best service and hospitality in the industry.


This is just the beginning. We have great plans for MY RANGGO Magazine by Your Hospitality Hub. So join in and let’s work together in ushering in the great future in hospitality in the Philippines.


Meet The Award-Winning Team

Helen Atanacio
Founder & Chief Executive, A truly well-seasoned veteran of the hospitality industry, Helen honed her skills from holding just about every position that was made available. It is this formidable collection of experience and knowledge that she brings to bear on behalf of her clients in the varied services she offers. Originally from Yorkshire England, Helen fell in love with her Filipino husband, who she met while they were both working on a cruise ship, and subsequently relocated to the Philippines in 1997. Along with launching World Hotel Links, the first online travel agency in the Philippines, and Hotel Links and making hotel distribution, marketing and management tools affordable for independent hoteliers and tour operators, she has massive and unprecedented plans through the MY RANGGO Magazine, to showcase and help local hospitality professionals achieve global standards and beyond.


Though she enjoys spicing it up with Latin dancing, Helen is happiest whenever she’s on the beach with a good book, watching her children play in the sand. They share their love of the outdoors with their husky, Luke.


Rica Velasco
Editor-In-Chief & Hub Director, renowned for her infectiously effervescent personality, Rica can give even the Energizer Bunny a run for its money!


This is exemplified on the dance floor where she is often the last person still grooving to the beat. Rica, easily makes friends with those who share her love of rock and new wave music. Her other passions include traveling, being surrounded by nature, and the company of animals, dogs in particular (one dog she puts above the rest is her beloved dachshund). She brings to the table around 20 years of hard earned experience in the hotel, service and travel industry, holding positions in the Front Office, Reservations and Sales & Marketing Departments in hotels, as well as having cruise ship and online travel agency experience under her belt. She is highly enthusiastic in this new endeavor to help people in the same field achieve the successes they deserve.


Trudy Allen
Editorial Director, started out in the hospitality industry with World Hotel Link rewriting the content of their Philippine websites to better attract foreign national bookings.

Coming from an advocacy and customer service background, and with experience in beta-testing computer applications from both the customer and provider perspective, Trudy worked alongside the IT teams behind, World Hotel Link, Hotel Link Solutions and Connectours to fine-tune their products. 

Trudy is a content writer and editor and has written many of MY RANGGO’s articles and interviews, as well as the content of the website and MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine.  She’s also edited a number of E-books for different authors and assisted other website owners in redesigns, content, editing and SEO.


Nicknamed McGyver by the rest of the team, for a wide-ranging knowledge base of completely pointless and random information, and her ability to make and fix things, she is also a demon in a Dragonboat.  Competing with her teams Boracay Dragonflies (women’s) and Boracay Dragonforce (Mixed) Trudy holds rather a large amount of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

When not in a boat Trudy enjoys traveling, relaxing at the beach, surfing and singing.


KA&CO America, US LLC with The Tiongson Group
KA & Co America with the Tiongson Group are a US Publishing Consultancy, IT & Data Protection company and an award-winning marketing, international business development and publishing conglomerate.

Commissioned to develop and launch a new-look MY RANGGO website and the first edition in-print magazine back in 2018 and 2019, the team was keen to collaborate again with the concept, mapping out, development and release of the RANGGO App.


With more than 20-years in the industry, KA&CO America has received the US Masterpiece Award, multiple entrepreneur-of-the-year awards, as well as, a US Resolution for their contributions to Minority America. There motto “Success is for everyone” is parallel to the unified Mission of Team MY RANGGO. (learn more

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