Sustainable September Challenge

Take the Sustainable September Challenge!

2019 seems to be the year that we finally recognize, collectively, the impact we’re having on our planet. If you feel like you would like to be doing more, to live in a greener more environmentally way, give this Sustainable September challenge a go. With thanks to our friends at Plastic Battle for their posters

Dining: We’ve got to face it! Thanks to modern technology and international transport, we have become far too used to being able to have what we want, when we want. Unlike our grandparents who typically had to wait for their favorite fruits and veggies to be in season, or use pickled or preserved versions. We can get what we want pretty much any time now. So, why don’t you try to be a bit more sustainable in your dining, during this September? Whether it is dining out or shopping for home.

Sustainable September Dining Tips
Sustainable September Dining Tips
Sustainable September Event Tips
Sustainable September Event Tips

Fashion: In a World that encourages “throw-away” fashion, practice a better approach; instead of buying lots of cheap clothing, save and buy Classic items, which you can mix and match. Learn how to turn your closet items in to a Capsule Wardrobe. Check out your local 2nd hand stores for quality bargains. Or learn to Make & Mend.

Sustainable September Fashion Tips

The Office: Improving your work place can be done individually and collectively. The suggestions below are individual options including having re-useable lunch boxes, water bottles and cutlery, as well as ride-sharing to and from work. For your business check out our Sustainability Workbook

Sustainable September Office Tips
Office Tips
Sustainable September Shopping Tips

Travel: More and more Filipino’s are traveling now, whether internationally or locally. Travel, we all know has a negative impact on our environment. So do what you can to reduce your impact. Invest in your own Water Bottle and visit water refill stations to top up. Buy travel size toiletries or bottles but don’t throw them away when empty; wash and keep them in your suitcase for your next adventure and top them up with your normal products.

Sustainable September Travel Tips

International Sustainability Summit, 23-25 September 2019 at Manila Marriott Hotel

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