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Hotelier Resolutions to Make (and Keep!) this 2022


Hotelier Resolutions to Make (and Keep!) this 2022

Hotelier with a pen in her hand, and two calendar sheets for December 2021 and January 2022. Article Hotelier Resolutions to Make (and Keep!) this 2022 by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines

I’ve waited four days before announcing my 10 hotelier resolutions for 2022. Not because I’ve had to think long and hard about them. But because resolutions have not factored very highly for me, for the last two years and I wasn’t sure if it would be the same this year.

However, every January, many of us do take a closer look at our lives. We evaluate the areas that could use some work, or improvement. Or we commit to achieving at least some of our Bucket List.  The beginning of a fresh new year is always a good place to start taking steps towards self-improvement.

Some of the more common resolutions (and certainly some I have personally attempted!) include losing weight, eating healthier, saving more money, making better relationship choices and quitting vices.  However, it’s also a good idea to check yourself for work habits that may be hindering your growth, affecting your relationship with your colleagues or setting you up for failure.  

Often, our work habits have already become so deeply ingrained that we hardly even notice them anymore.  January, the first month of a new year, is a great time to check yourself.  Especially if the following hotelier resolutions need to make it into your own list this 2022!


10 Hotelier Resolutions to make for 2022

I will not be late for work

If you are the type of employee that gets yearly service awards for Perfect Attendance (no absences, no tardiness), congratulations! And please let us know your secret!  

But for many, punctuality can sometimes be an issue.  You can keep blaming it on the traffic situation. Or on the uniform releasing section. Or on the elevator. OR, you can actually take better responsibility and work harder at being on time.  Or, even better, work hard at being early!  

Hotelier arriving at work 15 minutes before her duty starts. Article Hotelier Resolutions to Make (and Keep!) this 2022 by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


So, for 2022, it’s time to be brutally honest with this particular hotelier resolution.  You already know approximately how long it takes for you to get to work.  You know that you should always factor in possible unexpected travel bumps to your journey, such as accidents along the route or road blocks. 

You could simply leave earlier and avoid the stress of scrambling to make it to work on time. 

Trust me, your day will go so much better if you’ve first had some time to relax, had some coffee and dressed in a leisurely pace, before heading to your work station.  It sure beats running up the stairs, while struggling to fix your hair to make it on time for the team briefing.


I will declare the correct amount of tip in our centralized tipping

We know times are tough and every peso counts these days.  But if your department has a centralized tipping system, please declare your gratuities honestly and completely. 

Stop lying and saying “Walang guest sa room” or “Bente lang binigay” when the guest actually gave a hefty amount.  Be fair to your colleagues who truthfully drop their 500’s and 1000’s in the tip box, for the team to share.

After all, you’re not the only one who could use the extra cash.  In fact, someone could need it more than you. Honesty, especially when it comes to money-related matters, will go a long way in establishing trust within your team.

I will not steal my colleague’s pen

It’s already 2022. Buy your own pen!

This is one of the most petty, but annoying, pet peeves of a lot of hoteliers.  Leave your money unattended and you will return to it untouched. But look away for a few seconds and poof, your pen is gone! 

Two hoteliers at Front Desk, one is looking for her pen, the other is looking guilty. Article Hotelier Resolutions to Make (and Keep!) this 2022 by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Are you one of those people whose locker is full of different types of pens, some even with names of your colleagues taped on them? Magbago ka na!


I will not choose which guests to serve, based on their tipping history or capacity

If you are that kind of hotelier, the one who plays favorites based on whether a guest is “pasitib” or “negatib”, then you may need to rethink if you are in the right industry. 

Remember that we are working in the hospitality industry. Our main goal is to serve ALL our guests right. And make them feel at home, regardless of whether they have the desire or capacity to tip well or not. 

Keep in mind that they are paying for the hotel room, amenities and services, which collectively keeps the hotel running, and allows you to earn a living.  Tipping is absolutely optional and guests should not be treated differently based on how much tip they normally give. 


I will not go on “sick leaves” then post a MyDay in a coffeeshop or out somewhere

You may be one of those people who doesn’t add their work friends on social media, but that doesn’t mean you are free to post without consequences. 

If you are faking a sick leave to be able to go out or be somewhere, know that anything you post on social media can easily reach your colleagues and your boss. 

Person in bed talking on the phone, calling in sick, whilst thinking about the social plans they have instead of going to work. by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Lying about being sick just to skip work can have serious consequences such as suspension, and even dismissal.  Better think twice before putting your job in jeopardy!


I will not disappear from my work area when it gets busy

Are you that person who suddenly has to “go to the bathroom” when the bus filled with your group arrivals rolls up in the porte cochere? 

Do you suddenly duck down to “fix the printer” when you see a guest approaching the counter, so that they approach your colleague instead? 

Are you suddenly MIA when a long line starts to form in the lobby? 

If so, you’re not fooling anyone.  Your teammates definitely see what you’re doing and believe me, your supervisors do too.  You may think you’re being cleverly sneaky but your aversion techniques are only making your colleagues think less of you or tag you as lazy. 

Pick up the slack and be fair to your team! 


I will be more conscious of my grooming habits.

Grooming is always a tricky subject, especially when it comes to things like body odor and bad breath. 

It’s a sensitive matter and not everyone will tell you if you stink. 

So, take it upon yourself to be conscious of your grooming habits. Make sure you always wear clean uniforms, take a bath daily, put on deodorant, brush your teeth and use a deodorizing spray for your feet. 

Hotelier standing at Front Desk looking immaculate and smart. by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Your colleagues will be so thankful, and you’ll feel so much more confident especially when dealing with guests.

I will not eat my colleague’s food without their permission 

I wish this could go without saying, but this is something that happens way too often.  We all have that colleague who thinks any food out in the open is free for the taking. 

If you are that colleague, do a self-check. 

Some people might just feel too shy or awkward to say it to your face. But not everything you see is for the whole team.  Even if it’s just laying there in the middle of the room, it’s best to ask permission first before scarfing it down. 

You would want the same level of respect from them when it comes to your food and personal items after all, right?


I will be wiser when it comes to spending my hard-earned money.

If there’s anything the past two years should have taught us, it’s that everything can change in the blink of an eye.  You may be earning today, and be out of job by tomorrow. 

So while you are still getting a paycheck, think very hard before deciding to spend it all within three days. 

Hotelier walking to the bank to deposit money to her savings account. by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Learn to put away an amount into your savings and emergency fund, so that you will be prepared and ready for any unexpected twists and turns. 

Your future self will thank you for it.


I will stop the “that’s not my job” mentality.

Hotel employees need to be very flexible and not get stuck thinking that their job starts and ends with what’s written in their job description. Especially nowadays! 

We need to see the bigger picture. And how each of us plays a vital role in helping keep hotel businesses running amidst the pandemic. 

Yes, you were hired to play a specific role. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn other tasks, so that you can help out wherever it’s needed.  



Which one of these hotelier resolutions will you try out for 2022? Let us know in the comments!

If you need some inspiration for 2022 check out my 10 Hospitality Quotes To Live By

We wish you the best of luck and hope that you will be able to stand by your hotelier resolutions until the end of the year!

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