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Things You Have to ‘Suck up’ when Dating a Hotelier


Things You Have to ‘Suck up’ when Dating a Hotelier

A man presenting flowers to a hotelier at Front Desk: 10 Things you need to suck up when dating a hotelier by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Hoteliers are some of the best people to get into a relationship with but you will need to be prepared to ‘suck up’ some things if you are dating a hotelier. Or if you are wanting to date one.  


Firstly the Pro’s of dating a hotelier:-

  • Hoteliers are caring.
  • They know how to listen attentively.
  • They instinctively want to solve all your problems for you.
  • They’re always beautifully dressed and presented at work
  • And, many hoteliers are good-looking! 

For those of you already dating a Hotelier check out my article 10 Signs You Are Dating A Hotelier for some ‘ah-ha’ moments and giggles.


However, dating a hotelier also comes with a bunch of disclaimers.  

There are many things to consider before taking the leap and asking that hotelier out on a date.  Here are a few more things to consider before dating a hotelier!


Hoteliers very rarely get off work on time.  

This is especially true for people working in the Operations side of the hotel industry. 

Depending on how busy things get, their (usually unpaid) overtime can range from 15 minutes to several hours. 

A lot of things can happen in this bustling environment.  An incoming group arrival could come in later than expected.  A guest issue could arise that only they are able to resolve. A co-worker could come in late or call in sick. 

The rooms they assigned to clean could be so “Jurassic” it takes longer to clean. Or their cash float could have discrepancies which they need to resolve before they are able to go home.

This means you’ll probably spend a lot of time waiting for your gf or bf to finish their shift. 

Hotelier still at her desk, past the end of her shift with a pile of paperwork next to her


If you are the kind that gets impatient over something like this, then you better think twice before pursuing anything with someone who works at a hotel. 

Shift extensions happen very often for hoteliers. So the same extension should apply to your patience!


Their schedules can change at any time.

Given the dynamic nature of the industry, a lot can change day-to-day. 

They could get assigned a rest day on a “quiet” day, but if the occupancy suddenly picks up and the hotel needs extra pairs of hands on deck, then they better be prepared to step up. 

Some days they might be able to convince their boss to let them keep the day off. Especially if they have got something important to do. But a lot of the time they simply have no choice but to take one for the team.

This is unfortunate for you if have scheduled a romantic date or made reservations for the two of you. 

You have to understand though that this is something that’s beyond their control. And if you are interested in dating a hotelier then this is something you need to consider.


They will likely spend most celebratory and festive holidays at work. 

Holy Week, Christmas, New Year, All Saint’s Day. You name it and they’ll probably be on duty for it!

They work in an industry which is always at its busiest over the holidays and key days. 

People are dining out, booking their staycations and making all sorts of travel arrangements. 

As much as they want to go to “Laboracay” with you, they need to be there to assist the guests who will be staying at their hotel.  They have already pretty much accepted this fact, and so you should too. 

You can always celebrate a day before or after, when there are less crowds in the roads, malls and restaurants.   It may be cheaper too!


They will watch how you treat waiters and other service industry personnel closely.

When you work in the hotel industry, you encounter all sorts of guests ranging from the most thoughtful ones to the most disgustingly entitled ones. 

When a hotelier dates someone new, one of the things they look out for is how their date talks to or treat the people who are serving them. 

This tells them a lot about your personality and how you look at the people who work in the service industry. 

An offduty hotelier sitting at a table in a restaurant with his GF. The GF is being rude to their waiter. 10 things you have to suck up when dating a hotelier


If you can’t treat them with respect, that usually leaves a bad taste in your hotelier dates mouth. And it will count as a huge red flag against you.


Hoteliers are always hungry.

Maybe it’s being on their feet for at least 8 hours. Maybe it’s not always being able to take their breaks on time. Or maybe it’s stress eating from dealing with difficult guests.

But hoteliers absolutely love to eat!

A courier delivering food to a Front Desk Officer in a hotel.


So, it doesn’t really take much to win them over.  Bringing them their favorite food almost always does the trick!

Have some donuts and iced coffee delivered to them at work. Take them out for a date at a night food market. Join them for a buffet dinner and they will probably be smitten.

When it comes to a dating a hotelier, the way to their heart is very often through their stomach!


They cannot always answer your calls and text messages right away.  

Make that: They will rarely answer your calls or texts if they are at work!

Most hotels have a policy against bringing cellphones to the work area.  So, Hoteliers are often only able to check their phones during break times. 

If you are dating a hotelier don’t be upset or suspicious if it takes them a long time, sometimes hours, to respond. 

A locker with an inset of the cellphone inside ringing: Hoteliers can't always answer your calls and texts when they are on duty


And, don’t bombard their phones with 50 missed calls either.  It’s just not a good look. 

They will get back to you as soon as possible.  


Hoteliers try hard not to let things get to them, but they too have their bad days.

Working in the service industry can sometimes take its toll on a persons mental and emotional health. No matter how hard they try not to take things personally. 

Guests scream at them for things that are not their fault. Or for things that are beyond their control. 

They get called names and are sometimes made to feel 2-feet tall. 

Sometimes it’s not just guests but their bosses and co-workers who can also bum them out. 

So please try to understand this, if you are dating a hotelier.  If they get off work and they are not their usual perky selves. It’s not you, it’s them.


Hoteliers are super appreciative when people do nice things for them.

Hoteliers are programmed to always make an effort to make people’s lives easier and to make others feel special. 

So, whenever they find themselves on the receiving end of such gestures, they can’t help but feel very grateful. 

If you are dating a hotelier thoughtful surprises and little things that make them feel seen and cared for will go a long way in winning their heart.  


Sleep is very important to a Hotelier.

A hoteliers shift schedule can look absolutely bonkers on any given week.  They can go from day shift to mid shift to night shift in a span of a few days. 

Body clock? What body clock?

Not to mention the fact that most hotel employees only get one rest day per week. 

Hoteliers are often torn over how to spend their precious rest day. 

They could be craving the chance to just catch up on their sleep and not do anything else. Or they may pack as many activities as they can into their day off, missing the chance to get some rest and end up going back to work still tired. 

Most of the time, sleep wins!  

A hotelier sleeping with her head in the lap of her boyfriend who is watching a film on TV


Hopefully, you can be the type of partner who will understand that and give your hotelier the space to rest without making them feel guilty for neglecting you!

Avatar image for Hugot Hotelier writing for MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine
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