Best Tips for Sharing on Social Media

Best Tips for Sharing on Social Media

It’s a Social Media World these days. Many businesses have a Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest Profile as a minimum.

Social Media is certainly seen as one of the best ways to share business news and achievements instantly. Of course traditional advertising and promotion still hold true too.

But it can be a struggle for smaller businesses. Or businesses which simply can’t afford to employ a specialized Social Media Marketing Executive or Department. There is the ongoing need to attract new followers and keep and engage with existing fans.

With regular changes in the algorithms of both Facebook and Instagram, which mean you have to keep up to date or see your engagement drop. It can feel like a full-time job.

So MY RANGGO has pulled together some Top Tips for sharing your news. How to use Hashtags, when to post for optimum engagement.

This is a free downloadable PDF. And the tips include how you can share your news to your customers as part of your general day to day operations.


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Check out another free toolkit; our Sustainability Workbook, aimed at helping hospitality businesses to be more sustainable

This article was inspired by 15 steps to consider when sharing company news on social media

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Written by Trudy Allen

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