Creating Hope: A Day of Unity, Impact, and Social Responsibility

On December 1, the Rotary Club of Manila Supreme 198 and the Rotaract Club of Manila Supreme 198, in collaboration with Zonta Club of Makati Central Business District, GSIS (Government Service Insurance System),  and MYRANGGO, orchestrated a remarkable event titled “Creating Hope.”

This momentous occasion celebrated their 9th charter anniversary and 8th induction ceremony. It brought together a diverse group of organizations, all committed to making a positive impact within the community.

Kawayan Para Sa Kinabukasan

The morning commenced with the environmentally conscious “Kawayan Para sa Kinabukasan” Program. A joint effort resulting in 100 bamboo saplings planted within the GSIS compound.

This initiative exemplified a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement.

Bamboo Samplings were donated by Past President and Zonta Club of Makati Central Business District Charter President & Climate Change Ambassador Lita Lee. 

Creating Hope: Free Flu Vaccines and Pito Laban sa Peligro

In collaboration with the Pasay City Health Office, free flu vaccines were provided to attendees and GSIS employees underscoring the importance of public health and well-being.

The community service efforts also extended to safety through the “Pito Laban sa Peligro” Program.

Whistles for emergencies and informative brochures on self-defense techniques were distributed, empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to ensure a safer community. 

Weaving Stories of Hope

“Weaving Stories of Hope” showcased the rich cultural heritage of Naga, with women weavers and embroiderers presenting handmade products.

This collaborative effort spearheaded by Mari Delos Santos, President Club Makati Central Business District, celebrates local artisans and contributes to the economic empowerment of women in the community.

Creating Hope: Project Booklat

Basic Education and Literacy took center stage with “Project Booklat” an initiative focused on child and adult literacy through reading.

Coffee table books, literature and self help books have been donated to the GSIS library. The project aims to promote a love for literature and provide facilitated access to educational resources within the community. 

Introduction and Inaugural Ceremonies

As the afternoon unfolded, the event transitioned into the introduction and inaugural ceremonies for the new officers within the Rotary Club of Manila Supreme 198.

This was headed by Charter President & Arch Klump Society donor Maria Rosa “Bing“ N. Carrion and Hope Creating President Ismael Sarangaya Jr., Rotaract Club of Manila Supreme 198 Hope Creating President Abdul Rayan Abo and Rotary Community Corps of the Rotary Club of Manila Supreme 198 headed by Doctor Ernita Santos.

The formal recognition and oath taking of leadership further highlighted the collective commitment to serving the community.

Purpose and Profit: Business as a Force for Good

Our very own, MYRANGGO’s CEO, Helen Atanacio, also delivered a compelling speech entitled “Purpose and Profit: Business as a Force for Good.”

This talk underscored the pivotal role that businesses can play in fostering positive change within communities and championing sustainability.

Helen’s speech epitomized MYRANGGO’s commitment to social responsibility and its dedication to aligning business practices with a broader, purpose-driven vision.

The core message of “Purpose and Profit: Business as a Force for Good” was a call to businesses to recognize the profound influence they wield in shaping communities and to embrace a dual commitment to both purpose and profit.

Helen highlighted how a business, when guided by a sense of purpose beyond profit, becomes a catalyst for positive change, contributing to the well-being of society at large.

Creating Hope: Zonta 16 Days of Activism

In addition to these impactful activities, MYRANGGO, alongside its partners, extended its support to the  cause by joining the Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women and Children & No to Child Marriage, 16 Days of Activism. 

This campaign aims to raise awareness about various forms of violence, emphasizing that there is no excuse for any form of violence, and to build a better world for women and girls. 

“Creating Hope” demonstrated the strength that arises from collaboration and shared commitment to social responsibility.

The inclusion of partnerships with Zonta Club Makati Central Business District and Rotary Club of Squamish showcased a unity of purpose in creating positive change within the community.

It evidenced that when organizations come together, they can truly make a lasting impact on the environment, health, safety, culture, and education.

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Written by Angel Lam Ko

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