Types of Bosses in the Hotel Industry

There is a range of types of bosses in the hotel industry. Love them or hate them, the reality is, we need to try and work alongside them.  One they are our Superiors. Two, if we want to have a peaceful, productive and successful career one thing we need to learn is how to get along with a lot of different personality types. 

William Raduchel said, “Don’t pick a job, pick a boss. Your first boss is the biggest factor in your career success. A boss who doesn’t trust you won’t give you opportunities to grow.”


That is absolutely true. 

A good boss can help pave the way towards your career advancement. However, you first need to be able to earn your boss’s trust and confidence. As well as build a good relationship with them. 

In this industry we learn to study a guest’s profile to figure out the best way to approach them, to make a lasting impression and create a memorable stay. We can apply the same concept when dealing with our boss. 

Of course, it helps to be familiar with the different personality types you might encounter in your manager or supervisors, so that you can adapt and adjust the way you interact with them. 

So, what are some of the personality types of managers in the hotel industry? Based on my experience, there’s a wide range! 


Here are a few of the types of bosses in the hotel industry that I have encountered.

Types of bosses in the hotel industry: The Tropa

This is the type of boss you love having on your shift! 

Possibly having risen up from the ranks themselves, most of these types of bosses are on the younger side. They know what it’s like doing the dirty work because they used to do it themselves. 

Types of bosses in the hotel industry, an older hotel manager talking to a younger hotelier

As a result, they have more empathy towards their team and are more easily approachable whenever there’s a problem.

Characterized by their fun and casual approach towards their team, The Tropa can sometimes be seen catching a few drinks with their staff after work. 

However, don’t be complacent or treat your Tropa boss with less respect than they deserve. They can be your friend, but they can also easily retract this privilege once they feel they are being taken advantage of!


Types of bosses in the hotel industry: The Traditional Hotelier

Usually on the older side, these types of bosses are the old-school, by-the-book types who are less flexible when it comes to bending the rules. 

They are actually not that difficult to understand. As long as you follow the rules and do things the way they’ve always been done, you should have no problems.  

Two younger hoteliers talking to an older hotel manager. Types of Bosses in the Hotel Industry by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


However, it can be a challenge for younger employees to work with them. Especially when you’d like to introduce new ways of doing things.  

They are comfortable with the way they have been doing their job for the past years or perhaps even decades. So the thought of dealing with new processes, technology and systems can be intimidating to them. 

Despite their resistance to changes, traditional hotelier bosses have a lot of knowledge and wisdom from their years of experience that they can contribute to the best interests of your team.  


Types of bosses in the hotel industry: The Heartthrob

It’s undeniable that a lot of hoteliers are five stars when it comes to looks! 

And in the hospitality industry, many talented and capable employees get promoted and make it to managerial positions despite being young. 

As a result, we get a lot of heartthrob managers, male and female alike! 

Two female hoteliers with love hearts in their eyes and a heartthrob hotel manager. Types of bosses in the hotel industry


It certainly helps when a guest calls for the manager and they are faced with someone good-looking, pleasant, articulate and charismatic. 

As for their employees, it’s okay to develop a little crush and be inspired to report for work everyday with this type of boss.  

Remember not to act on it, though. Interdepartmental relationships, especially boss-subordinate ones, can definitely cost you your job!


Types of bosses in the hotel industry: The Nanay

Oh, how we love our work moms.  They are the ones who make us feel like we always have someone to support us and back us up.  

At the same time, they are also the ones who call us out the most when we commit mistakes or act inappropriately.  

The Nanay is a gentle, comforting and nurturing presence in the office. Just as with our real moms, we never want to disappoint her and always try to make her proud.  

An older female hotel boss talking to two female hoteliers


Most of the time, our relationship with these types of bosses lasts even beyond the time that we work together.  They often develop into real friendships outside of work and sometimes they are chosen to be godmothers of our children or when we get married.  

The thing with Nanay bosses, though, is that many of them also tend to have a favorite anak (just like moms do in real life, right?).  If you are lucky enough to find a Nanay in your boss, nurture that relationship as it could help you be inspired and motivated to reach your goals in the hospitality industry.


Types of bosses in the hotel industry:  The “Pano Naging Manager Yan”

Let’s face it, we’ve all encountered bosses who seem to be… well, let’s just say, less qualified than they should be.  

People who don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing, who seem out of touch with reality as to what their team is going through. 

Two hoteliers talking about a hotel boss sitting in the distance not working or managing 

Bosses who seem to rely on you to provide them with information that they should be the one to know in the first place.  

Bosses who disappear during difficult times, who let their people face the angry guests.  

Bosses who throw you under the bus when the going gets tough.  

These types of bosses just make you shake your head and wonder, how the hell did they manage to make it to their position?  

It’s an undeniable truth, though, that office politics exist not just in the hospitality industry but in most workplaces, and there will be a few people who will manage to work their way up the career ladder even without the relevant skills and knowledge other than schmoozing to the people that matter.  


In cases of bosses like these, as long as you make them look good and make their lives easier and stress-free (unfortunately by doing all the work), you should be right up there in their “good” list.

These are just a few of the types of bosses that  I’ve encountered in my years of working as a hotelier.  I’m sure there are many more types that we’ll all be able to recognize.  

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Written by Angel Lam Ko

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