Philippines Biggest Hotel to Open in 2023

Megaworld is readying to open the Philippines’ biggest hotel yet. Megaworld Corporation, under the leadership of Andrew Tan, expects to be unveiling the first phase of the Grand Westside by the end of 2023.  

The Grand Westside is set to be the Philippines’ largest hotel in terms of total room keys.  This impressive 19-story building will house a staggering 1,500 rooms.  It is situated in Parañaque City within the expansive 31-hectare Westside City township developed by Megaworld and is strategically positioned alongside Manila Bay.

A highlight of the Westside City vision is its ambition to become the “Broadway of Asia,” emphasizing the performing arts. At the heart of this artistic pursuit lies the Philippines’ first-ever Grand Opera House.  The Grand Opera House will be a remarkable venue with a capacity to accommodate around 3,000 individuals.

In addition to its vast accommodations, the Grand Westside Hotel will also boast a two-level retail and commercial space, covering an area of 1,995 square meters. 

Guests will be able to indulge in the serene ambiance of a Zen garden and enjoy the expansive pool area with the picturesque Manila Bay sunset as a backdrop.

Megaworld’s unwavering commitment to the Westside City township is evident through its substantial investment of around P64 billion in the project.

The Grand Westside Hotel will see its first tower open its doors to guests this year, followed by the second tower scheduled for unveiling in 2024. This will secure it’s title as the Philippines’ biggest hotel.

The Grand Westside marks a significant milestone for Megaworld, adding to their prestigious collection of 19 hotels. As the second homegrown brand within the vast Westside City township, the Grand Westside Hotel exudes luxury and sophistication.

Megaworld’s portfolio already boasts an astonishing 19 hotels, consisting of 12 optional facilities, each equipped with a total of 7,700 rooms. 

With seven more projects in the pipeline, the company is poised for a promising future of continued expansion and unparalleled excellence.

Yesterday we reported on Megaworld’s unveiling of their Sampaguita brand of hospitality. Under the Sampaguita Project, Megaworld Hotel & Resorts aims to elevate and captivate guests through the stimulation of their five senses.

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Written by Angel Lam Ko

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