Hotel Interview Dress Code: Get Hired Series (Part 2)

Congratulations, you’ve been invited for an interview so it’s time to think about your Hotel Interview Dress Code! 

After all, getting potential employers to notice your application is one thing. Getting them to notice and remember you from your interview is another!


How do you show up as your best self and impress the hiring managers in order to bag that hotel job of your dreams?

The Get Hired Series Part 2 covers the Hotel Interview Dress Code.


A Hotel can be a very intimidating place to apply for a job. Everywhere you look, you will see well-dressed, professional and polished-looking men and women at work.  But there is no reason to feel nervous or out-of-place.  Just do your part to make sure you go to your interview prepared.

So, let’s start with the basics for getting noticed and being remembered – your physical appearance and presentation.

In a service-based industry such as hospitality, a lot of emphasis is placed on looking presentable.  Do you have to be good-looking to get in? Not necessarily.  

However, hotel hiring managers typically keep an eye out for applicants who look as if they cared enough about their interview to make sure they look polished, professional and well-groomed.  Don’t forget that part of their job as hiring managers is to visualize you as a part of their hospitality team.  You can make it easy for them to do this by making sure that you look the part.


Let’s look at that Hotel Interview Dress Code


Hotel Interview Dress Code: Attire

If you can, invest in a nice, well-fitting black suit to use for professional settings such as interviews.  

A well-tailored outfit gives the impression that you are conscientious and that you pay attention to details.  If you don’t have the spare cash to buy a suit, formal attire is fine.  Either way make sure your outfit is clean, well pressed with no marks, rips or missing buttons.  

Three people lined up outside a meeting room waiting for an interview. One male and one female are dressed in suits, the 2nd female is just wearing casual clothes. Hotel Interview Dress Code: Get Hired Series (Part 2)
If you don’t own a suit a clean white shirt and pressed skirt or trousers will be fine


For women, avoid wearing skirts that are too short as this could come across as unprofessional.  Keep the skirt hem at knee-length or just barely above the knee and wear natural-colored stockings.  

Avoid wearing shirts that are low-cut as you would not want to give the wrong impression. If you choose to wear pants to your interview, make sure that the trouser hems touch the tops of your shoes and are not so long that they drag on the ground.  

Heels always look nice, but only if you are able to walk comfortably in them.  Falling flat on your face is one way to become a memorable applicant, but certainly not a good way!

For men, avoid wearing shirts with colors that are too loud.  Stick to neutrals and light colors such as light blue or light pink.  This will give you a cleaner, more polished look. 

Wear a tie that looks professional.  Certainly avoid ties with funky prints or cartoon characters!  If you don’t know how to tie a tie, there are hundreds of tutorials available online.  

Wear smart, dark-colored leather shoes and make sure they are polished clean and are scuff-free.   


Hotel Interview Dress Code: Face and Makeup

It is advisable for women to wear a bit of makeup when going to an interview.  It makes your look overall more polished.   

Wear natural or earth-toned colors on your eyes and lips and go easy on the blush.  

Make sure that your makeup serves to enhance your features and not detract from them.  

Before heading to the interview room, do a quick mirror check to make sure you don’t have any food or lipstick on your teeth.


Men are advised to show up for interviews with a clean-shaven face.  Showing up with a scruffy stubble gives the impression that you did not prepare for the interview. And that you couldn’t care less about the little details.  

A man who is cleanly shaved and wearing a suit, sitting outside a room waiting for a job interview


Remove excess oil from your face using a facial oil blotter before facing your interviewer to make sure you look nice and fresh.


Hotel Interview Dress Code: Hair

It’s best for females to show up for their interview with their hair neatly tied up in a French twist or a bun.  

Woman with her hair in a neat up-do and wearing a suit, waiting outside an Interview Room. Hotel Interview Dress Code: Get Hired Series (Part 2)
Check the hotels website for photos of employees and try to copy their hairstyles.


Since hotel employees are typically required to have this hairstyle as part of the uniform, it would serve you well to help your interviewer visualize you in the position you are applying for.  

Men should likewise sport a fresh and clean hairstyle when showing up for an interview.  Don’t go overboard with the gel or wax.  And remember that a Hotel Interview isn’t the day to show your individuality with a spikey do!


Hotel Interview Dress Code: Accessories

Accessories should be tasteful and kept to a minimum. 

For women, pearls are considered a staple in hotel uniforms so it would be a nice touch to wear a nice set of pearl earrings or studs.  

Certainly don’t wear overly trendy earrings like large hoops or chandelier earrings as it may come across as unprofessional.  

Remove any excess piercings.  And, remember to wear no more than three to four pieces of jewelry, including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches.

Men are likewise discouraged from showing up to interviews with piercings.  Avoid wearing large, chunky watches with rubber or plastic straps and stick to more classic metal or leather pieces.


Hotel Interview Dress Code: Scent and Hygiene

It goes without saying that you should bathe before heading to your interview. 

Use antiperspirant and deodorant as well to make sure there are no unpleasant smells for your interviewer! 

If you do opt to use perfume or scent, make sure it is not too strong or overpowering.  Stick to fresh, light scents that will not make your interviewer feel dizzy during your interview.  

Make sure to brush your teeth and use mouthwash for that nice, minty breath.

And when you arrive, take a visit to the bathroom to check how you look, adjust your hair or clothing.

Finally check your fingernails and make sure they are free of dirt or grime.


Remember, in an interview you are basically a salesperson and the product you are selling is yourself.  Make sure that you are presenting yourself in the best way possible.  

Your appearance can speak volumes about you before you even open your mouth.  And it can be very difficult to change an interviewer’s first impression or judgment of you.  

Make a positive impact right away by following my Hotel Interview Dress Codes.  Make sure you look prepared, professional and ready to report for work the very next day! 

Good luck!

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Written by Angel Lam Ko

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