10 Female Hotelier Types You’ll Find In The Employee Locker Room

There’s probably more than 10 Female Hotelier Types you can find in the locker room.  After all, when you’ve been working in the industry for a while you see ‘types’ everywhere. 

And certainly I have written a couple of articles about hotelier types in the past:

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For those not in the industry one of the nice things about working in a hotel is that uniforms are usually provided for employees.  And this often includes the daily laundry and pressing.  

This means you can simply waltz into work in your pambahay clothes and your tsinelas, and in five minutes be able to transform yourself into a spiffy, professional-looking hotelier.  

And the area where this transformation takes place? 

One of our favorite hangouts – none other than the employee locker room!

Behind the closed door of the locker room where there are no CCTVs due to privacy, the 10 Female Hotelier Types and personalities are safe to emerge.  

In the locker room there are no guests around and bosses or supervisors usually have their own executive locker room. So hotel employees can usually be themselves inside these locker rooms.  

In my years of working in the hotel industry, there are 10 Female Hotelier Types I’ve seen time and again. No matter which hotel I go to.  

Do some of them look familiar to you? 

Which one are you?


10 Female Hotelier Types You’ll Fine In The Employee Locker Room 

10 Female Hotelier Types : The Marites

Ahh, the source of all local hotel gossip.  

With ears bigger than Dumbo, she can pick up juicy chismis from a mile away!

You can usually see her huddled up with her favorite chika buddy in one corner whispering with animated and slightly judgmental facial expressions. She may stop talking once you get within earshot.  

Come to think of it, maybe they’re talking about you?

The Marites or Gossip; a female hotelier types in the locker room gossiping with another girl

Things you may overhear from the Marites:

“Did you know that there’s something going on between X from the Front Desk and Y from Finance? I heard Y’s wife called up HR to complain!”


10 Female Hotelier Types: The Sari-Sari Store

Did you forget to buy stockings? 

Has your period arrived unexpectedly and you are out of sanitary pads? 

Have you had no time to eat because you were running late? 

Have no fear, the sari-sari store is here!  

Usually done discreetly (any kind of on-site selling is still frowned upon by management, after all), these Female Hotelier Types usually have a fully-stocked locker to cater to your every need. 

Whether it is chocolate, chips, nuts, stockings, napkins, makeup, perfumes, an Avon or Mary Kay catalog. You name it, the sari-sari store has it! 

A savvy way to earn a bit of extra money while helping out their colleagues in need!

Female Hotelier Types the Sari Sari Store, female hotelier at her locker which is stocked with items

Things you may overhear from the Sari-Sari Store:

“Anong kailangan mo? Baka meron ako dito.”

(What do you need? I might have some.”)


10 Female Hotelier Types: The Sleepyhead

Either they have been partying the whole night again or they are just simply the “masandal tulog” type who have the superpower to fall asleep on any surface.  

You can usually find them sitting on the floor, leaning against their locker fast asleep, lying down on one of the benches inside the locker room, or face-down on a table somewhere.  

These people usually skip eating during their break time in favor of a few minutes of snooze-time.  Unfortunately, they are also the same people who sometimes go on over-break when their alarm doesn’t go off!

A woman asleep sitting upright in a locker room

Things you may overhear from the Sleepyhead:



10 Female Hotelier Types: The Hubadera

The unabashed bold star of the locker room.  These girls have no body issues and you can tell! 

They strip down in the middle of the locker room without inhibition. Sometimes even walking around in their underwear while chatting with their colleagues or talking on the phone. 

When the more shy-type employees rush to cover themselves, the “hubadera” channels her inner bikini goddess and parades around practically naked. We wish we could all be as body-positive as these people!

Woman confidently walking around the locker room in her underwear

Things you may overhear from the Hubadera:

“Ang init eh!”


10 Female Hotelier Types: The Makeup Artist

These are the girls who come to work early to make sure they have enough time to perfect their makeup! 

You can usually find them with a mini-train case full of branded makeup, setting up station in front of one of the big mirrors. Sitting quietly as they painstakingly draw the perfect set of eyebrows. And not breathing as they attempt to do cat-eye eyeliner that matches each side. 

Often frustrated professional makeup artists, they will sometimes offer to do your makeup for you too!

A female hotelier sat in front of a mirror in the locker room applying makeup

Things you may overhear from the Makeup Artist:

“Halika kilayan kita dali!”


10 Female Hotelier Types: The DJ

These ladies provide the soundtrack to your locker time with their customized Spotify playlist. Blasting music at top volume from their phone while they are getting dressed.  

Subjecting everyone to their personal music preference, you can’t help but catch LSS (last song syndrome) from one of the songs she plays. It plays in your head the whole day!

When she leaves, you can tell because the locker room suddenly gets quiet!

Three female hoteliers in a locker room, one is  playing music really loudly so the other two can't hear each other

Things you may overhear in the locker room:

*I can’t hear you because her music is so loud*


10 Female Hotelier Types: The TikToker

You’ve seen her. You know you have.

She’s the girl who does lipsyncs, gag bits and dance moves in front of her phone any chance she gets. 

Living for likes and the views, count on her to know the latest social media trends! You might have seen her videos go viral a few times too! 

Using parts of the locker room as background for her videos, let’s just hope she doesn’t accidentally include the “hubadera” and go viral for the wrong reasons!

two female hoteliers in the locker room, one is making a TikTok post

Things you may overhear from the Tik Toker:

“Tara sis, TikTok tayo yung uso ngayon!”


10 Female Hotelier Types: The Flash

Does this girl even use her locker? We barely ever see her around.  

She comes in late, gets dressed in under a minute and is out of there in no time.  

After work, she’s usually rushing to go home.  No time for idle chit chat.  

This girl uses the locker room for its most basic function; a place to get dressed and nothing more!

A female hotelier quickly leaving the hotel employee locker room

Things you may overhear from The Flash:

“Una na ko ha, bye!”


10 Female Hotelier Types: Miss Congeniality

Everyone knows her because she greets everyone she comes across and smiles at everyone. 

Full of bubbly energy and positive spirit, she’s like a ray of sunshine to everyone in the locker room! 

Offering genuine compliments and sincere friendship, we all just love and adore her.  She might have bad days too but you’ll never know it.  

We wish we could all have unlimited good vibes like her!

Sandra Bullock as a hotelier paying a compliment to another hotelier in the locker room

Things you may overhear from Miss Congeniality:

“Good morning! Blooming ka ha!”


10 Female Hotelier Types: The Haggard

She comes in running 5 minutes before her shift, hair all in disarray, sweat dripping down the side of her face. She hurriedly strips down and tries to put on her stockings on her sticky, sweaty legs only to have it rip. 

She tries to put on makeup but drops her makeup kit in her rush, spilling all the contents. 

She attempts to put her hair up in a French twist but it won’t cooperate. 

She looks at her watch every 20 seconds and resignedly goes to her workplace half-ready.  

A female hotelier rushing in to a locker room with messy hair and running late

She is me. 

She is probably you, too.  After all, life happens and we can’t all be perfect and punctual all the time!


If you ARE like me, maybe you have experienced being one or more of these 10 Female Hotelier Types You’ll Find In The Employee Locker Room at some point in your hotel career! 

The locker room brings out the real you, sometimes far from the perfect image you try to project when you are out there in front of the guests!

Which of the 10 Female Hotelier Types You’ll Find In The Employee Locker Room can you relate to the most? 

Do you know of any other locker personality types? 

Share it with us in the comments!

What do you think?

Written by Angel Lam Ko

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