RANGGO Competitions 2022

Let’s Hear It For Our RANGGO Competitions 2022!

These are the first RANGGO Competitions launched and we hope you take part.  The closing date is at the end of EVERY month for the rest of 2022

Check out the videos for the RANGGO Competitions to see how to take part.

Prizes for the Ranggo App Competitions include:

  • Bottles of Destileria Barako‘s award-winning Salted Caramel Vodka
  • Luxury Spa Treatments at Helios Spa
  • Sunset Boat Cruises for two pax


With more prizes released monthly we can’t wait to reveal the winners!!!


If you haven’t already downloaded & subscribed to RANGGO visit the PlayStore today.

Check our How To Subscribe article for some handy tips for completing your profile

Number 1 of the RANGGO Competitions 2022: RANGGO Points

Because RANGGO is a social App we have added points when certain features are used.


Get points by Completing your profile in full | Ranking your colleagues and friends | Commenting, liking, sharing or loading a post to RANGGO Hub | Inviting friends to join RANGGO | Clicking on a Pop-up Advert.


Number 2 of the RANGGO Competitions 2022: RANGGO Referrals.

The person who gets the most people to download and create a profile on RANGGO wins!


Sign-in | Go to your profile page | scroll down to Invite Friends | Use Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram or email to send a pre-loaded message to your friends with your unique Referral code.

The person who gets the most people to download RANGGO and create a profile wins a prize!


Number 3 of the RANGGO Competitions 2022: RANGGO RANK.

You have the greatest chance of winning this competition if you have already invited friends and colleagues to join RANGGO.



Ask your friends and colleagues to RANK you.  All they need to do is sign-in, go to RANGGO RANK on the home screen and type your name in to the search bar.

Then go to your profile and click on RANK me!  There are 3 categories with 1-5 star options.  They can add their reason or comments too.

Please Rank people honestly, respectfully and fairly.


The beauty of the RANGGO Competitions 2022 is that –

If you Rank friends you’ll score points helping you to compete in Competition 1.

If you invite friends to join RANGGO to Rank you, it’s helping you compete in Competition 2.

What do you think?

Written by My Ranggo

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