5 Hiring Tips and Tricks from Hotel Hiring Managers

An invaluable article with 5 Hiring Tips and Tricks from Hotel Managers.

Everyone could use a bit of help when it comes to maneuvering the dos and don’ts of trying to get into the hospitality industry. Whether you are a fresh graduate who’s aspiring to work as a hotelier. Or someone who wants to shift careers into the industry.

Every industry is different, and there are certain traits and strengths that hiring managers look for when interviewing a candidate for a position in a hotel.

When you are able to showcase these strengths during the hiring process and position yourself to stand out among the sea of aspiring applicants, you increase your chances of being the chosen one.


I asked my Hugot Hotelier followers to share their best hiring tips and tricks to people looking to be hired in the hospitality industry and here’s what they said!


Hiring Tips and Tricks 1: “Get as much information as possible about the hotel you are applying for.” – Bernard Neil Tanchan

As in any job interview, you should always come to the battle well-armed. Meaning you really must do your research before showing up to the interview.  

Hiring Tips and Tricks for Hoteliers a woman at her laptop researching the hotel she has an interview with
Do some research before your interview


It does not speak well of you if the interviewer asks you what you know about the company, or why you want to join their team and you can’t give a single reply or reason which shows you have an interest in the company.  

You don’t necessarily have to memorize how many room categories they have. Or all the food and beverage outlets or the hours of operation. 

Sometimes, all it takes to make your interviewer feel that you really care about getting the job is your understanding of what makes the hotel you are applying for unique and special.  

So when preparing for an interview ask yourself:

  • Do they have a competitive advantage over the other hotels?
  • Do they advertise themselves as having the best location, the nicest pool, the softest bed or the best employees?
  • Do they have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) that resonates with you? 
  • Do they offer a Graduate or Fast Track program?

Knowing and being able to articulate the reasons why you want to work specifically for that company or hotel can make a positive impression on your interviewer.  And this could definitely make you memorable as a candidate.


Hiring Tips and Tricks 2: “Prepare to set yourself to be the most presentable. Look at the hotel’s website and take note of the photos of their service ambassadors.” – J.M. Oleo

It is no secret that people working in the service industry must always look polished, professional and presentable. 

That is not to say only exceptionally good-looking people will be hired. 

An average-looking person has just as much chance of being hired as long as it is obvious that they take time and effort to present themselves well.  

Hotels typically have a standard “look” that they want their staff to have.  In most cases, hotels aim for a uniform image – French twist, pearl earrings, red lipstick, dark stockings.  

Hiring Tips and Tricks - a woman preparing for interview with her hair up and applying make-up
Dress for the job you want


In most hotels, staff are not allowed to have brightly colored hair, nails or contact lenses.  Some hotels do not allow tattoos on visible parts of the body, or multiple piercings.  

These are some of the things you should do a bit of research on before proceeding with your application.


When showing up for your interview, it’s best to show up in your best suit with clean and polished shoes.  

For women, hair should be up in a neat bun or French twist, with no bangs covering the face. Makeup must be tasteful with no loud colors, and well-blended.  Wear stockings.  

For men, make sure you get a fresh haircut before your interview and get a clean shave. You must not only smell good; you must also LOOK like you smell good.  

Make sure to brush your teeth!

As much as possible, you want your interviewer to be able to visualize you as someone who’s already part of the team, so it’s best to try and look the part already.

Remember this saying:

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!


Hiring Tips and Tricks 3: “Answer the questions directly (wala nang pa che2 na pahabaan ng answers).” – Eyp Real

In the hotel industry, everyone is very busy, and interviewing you is not the only thing the hiring manager has on their to-do list for the day.  

The more efficiently and smoothly your interview goes, the better it is for both of you.  

Plus, your communication skills as a hotelier are also being observed during interview.  Are you going to be able to explain hotel policies and procedures to guests in a concise, easy-to-understand manner? Will you be able to answer guests’ questions quickly and accurately so they can get on with their day and you can move on to assist the next guest? 

If you strike them as long-winded and someone who ‘beats around the bush’, the chances are it’s going to be to your disadvantage. 

Try your best to answer their questions quickly, concisely and confidently.  A longer answer is not necessarily better.  Compose your thoughts in your head so that you can deliver your message clearly.

Remember, you’re being judged based on your thoughts and message, not on your word count, so keep it simple and direct to the point.


Hiring Tips and Tricks 4: “Say you are willing to learn (and mean it) and would go the extra mile for the guests.” -Sheilanie P. Cheung.

Hiring managers in the hospitality industry look for attitude and drive in all their candidates — that little something that makes them believe that this person will make it far in the hospitality industry. 

You must love being of service to other people, and making their lives easier for them.  

You must show a passion for making a difference in the lives of guests.  

A woman sat at a table facing an interview panel MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Sometimes it really doesn’t matter if you have zero experience.  As long as they see that you have that zest to immerse yourself and learn as much as you can about the industry, and be trained on the necessary hospitality skills, then you will be a standout candidate.  


Hiring Tips and Tricks 5: “Highlight the things that would make you be noticed.” – Brix David Bal

What is it about you that the hotel can benefit from? 

What value can you add to the company? 

Do you speak a foreign language? 

Do you have any hospitality-related certifications you can make use of in the company?  

Any special skills you can share or teach to your co-workers? 

Connections or affiliations that can help make your job easier?

Share them with your interviewer.  Who knows, it may be that one thing that tips the scale in your favor.

A man sat at a table being interviewed
Remember to mention any special skills that would be useful in the role


The hotel industry is slowly getting back on its feet.  Travel restrictions are easing up and people are gradually losing their fear of going out.  A lot of hotels are now on mass hiring drives, and it is the best time to try your luck!

Keep these hiring tips and tricks in mind, and we wish you all the best in your future hospitality career!

Happy job hunting!


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