Introducing the RANGGO App Features

The RANGGO App has been two years in the making, and many more years as an idea!  The MY RANGGO Team are so excited about this App, and what it does.

So, what is the RANGGO App?

One of our Loyalty Deal Partners (we’ll explain Loyalty Deals shortly) describes the RANGGO App as:-

A combination of Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp/TripAdvisor, JobStreet and Group-on for the Hospitality Industry

Which is not a bad way of thinking about it.

How it started:

It started with the realization that customers and guests usually write reviews about businesses on platforms such as Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp.  Sometimes they also include the name of employees who made their stay, or meal memorable.

But there wasn’t a platform specifically for reviewing employees, to give them some of the credit and maybe some way of a reward for getting 5* Ranking for their excellent customer service or standards.

In fact, RANGGO = Rank

…… but that was just at the start of our RANGGO App planning and the ideas for its functions and features just grew and grew.


So, let’s take a look now at all the features of our fabulous App. Starting with Ranking!

RANGGO APP Ranking Review feature showing on a cellphone screen


Giving you recognition for your hard earned Service Skills!

We all know how hard a career in Hospitality is. When we do it right it often goes unnoticed.

RANGGO Rank is here to change that. Shine a light on your superb service, get ranked, reviewed and rewarded for your professionalism!

You can also rank your peers and colleagues with 1-5 stars across three areas.

If you Rank someone on the App you will also receive Reward points.  These points can be used to avail of special offers, or resources, you can buy or download.

The next phase of the App will see Customers being able to Rank employees.

Your employer will be able to see your ranking too.  If you are always getting good Ranks from customers or guests, they will see this.


RANGGO Loyalty Deals:

It is great working in the hospitality, services or tourism industry but wouldn’t it be even better if you could get discounts on Hotel Rooms, Food and drink, or Tours and Activities.

Not just from your employer but from other businesses in the industry?

Well!  Now you can!!

Get Discounts and Deals especially for you from your Industry colleagues. Being a RANGGO Premium subscriber means that businesses reward you with Discounts. Don’t miss out!

Many of our Business Subscribers are offering Deals and Discounts only for RANGGO App subscribers.

RANGGO APP Features Loyalty Deals for subscribers




The Hub is a Social Network with your Hospitality Colleagues.  It looks a little like Facebook’s Newsfeed.

It features news and articles from MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines, as well as news and updates from friends in your group and business..=

You can share your Newsfeed with the people you share work experiences with.  These may be your company colleagues and those who do the same job as you.

Share and learn from each other on RANGGO Hub.

Network, Connect, Communicate.




RANGGO App Features Job Listings showing on a cellphone screen


Find your next Job with the help of RANGGO.

Hundreds of Industry curated jobs added daily for your next career move.

Complete your Account Profile in full and then easily apply for roles. With one click your details are sent straight from your profile!

It’s really that easy!




The RANGGO App Features Event Listings



Want to advertise an event you are holding or a work colleagues gathering?

How about a simple networking Meet-Up with others that do your job? So you can connect and learn from each other.  Or a reunion event with others you used to work with.

RANGGO wants to encourage Networking. And learning from your peers, socially.

Let’s Meet-Up!



RANGGO Resources

This section holds a wealth of practical Tips, Tools and Support to help you grow your skills and become the best at what you do.

What do you think?

Written by My Ranggo

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