25 Hospitality Life Lessons

I’ve hand-picked 25 Hospitality Life Lessons just for you, sent to me from my facebook page: Hugot Hotelier  from people working in the industry


Every year, thousands of students graduate from college. They set off looking for that perfect hotel job, deeming themselves ready and prepared after several years of studying everything under the sun about the hotel industry.  

When you take up courses like Hotel and Restaurant Management or Tourism, there are many useful things to learn at school. But, undeniably, there are other things that can only be learned through life’s harshest but most effective teacher. Experience!  

Thankfully, you now have the option to skip the hard part. Below you can learn from other people’s mistakes. Several seasoned hoteliers share to Hugot Hotelier what they have learned from their years of experience working in a hotel.  

Here are 25 Hospitality Life Lessons that are worth taking note of before you take the plunge into this crazy world we call the hospitality industry. Hotelier newbies, listen up.


25 Hospitality Life Lessons

“The hotel industry is the original Temptation Island. Everything is for you to use and everything is for you to abuse.  So, always take care of your name.  Integrity is everything.”  – Mac Guerrero

“Follow first before you complain.  Hindi makikinig ang boss mo pag nag utos siya at naging defensive ka kaagad even if you know it won’t work.  BUT, if you do what they say and it doesn’t work, then you can say, “Sir/ma’am, I followed what you said, however, this and that happened. May I suggest to do this instead…”  Believe me, they will listen more.  Tried and tested.”   Angel Cabusao

“Never say NO. Always find a YES. Options, options, options. Bigyan ng maraming options.”   – Jeffrey Sasot Ross

“Pag may binibigay na opportunity yung company niyo na mag cross-training sa ibang departments, grab it and sipagan mong matutunan lahat.  Tiisiin mo yung pagod sa additional hours na ire-render mo. Worth it yan.”   Christy Marie Mesa

“Dapat pursigido ka.  As a hotelier (lalo na sa departamento ng Housekeeping), dapat mahaba pasensya mo.  Wag ka din mag-settle sa kung anong alam mo lang.  Yung alam mo, dapat higitan mo pa every single day.  Learn new things, ‘wag lang sa isang departamento ka dapat marunong.  Dapat meron ka din alam sa ibang department.”   – Gerald Dimaano Vergara

“Before stepping out of the locker or staff lounge, check yourself in the mirror.  Check your face, hair, teeth, uniform, shoes.  Always pretend that you’re in front of a camera. Look your best.”   Peejay Coronel Reyes

“There’s a thin line between a tip and a bribe.  You should know the difference between gratitude over buying your integrity.”   Jorge Marcial Diaz

“Always step up your game.  If you’re just starting as a hotel staff, think like a Team Leader.  Once you’ve achieved being a Team Leader, think like a Supervisor, and so on until ma-achieve mo yung gusto mo.  Have a goal in mind and stick to it. It works!”   – John Mark Hermano

“Don’t just wish for your guests to have a nice day.  Instead, be the one to make their day nicer.”   John Adrian Banuno

“Never take guest’s complaints or anger personally.  Often they are upset at the situation and not you.  Bawal ang balat sibuyas sa hotel industry.  Tibayan ang loob.  Hoteliers eat guest complaints for breakfast!”   Angel Maranan

“Respect your colleagues regardless of their position.  You would be surprised yung mas mababang position pa sa’yo ang tutulong pag may kailangan ka especially sa mga guest requests.”   Katey Valdez

“SMILE! Ang mga hoteliers parang artista yan, kahit galit na galit ka na, kailangan mo pa rin naka-smile.”   – Roselle Tuazon

“Consider complaints as opportunities to recover.  Remember, a complaining guest is better than those who just keep quiet and later on post a negative review online.”   Marlia Dico

“Don’t be discouraged if you started as a casual employee.  Eventually, things will come to you in the right moment, just stay humble, do your best, believe in yourself, trust the process and lastly, appreciate and don’t forget where and when you started.”   – Japhz Austria Zacarias

“Malayo ang napag-aralan mo kapag nasa realidad ka na. Maninibago ka. Pero ang payo ko lang, making ka sa mga nauna sa’yo. Sa araw-araw na pagtatrabaho mo malalaman mo ang iba’t ibang klase ng tao.  May maarte, mabait, masungit, maingay at lahat yan bibigyan ka ng aral.  Tiwala sa sarili at maging positibo.”   John Paul D. Geroza

“Use your ears all the time before your mouth.”   R-gel Mulat

“No matter how busy you are, do not forget that you also have a life after work to take care of.  We focus too much sa work minsan nakakalimutan na natin na may mga tao din na naghihintay sa atin after shift.  Always take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.  Remember, sarili mo and puhunan mo.”  – June Resabal

“Always keep your feet on the ground kapag umangat ka na.  Golden Rule: remember, nanggaling ka din sa baba.”   – Melanie Sampan

“Say goodbye to the holidays, and make sure you have a very understanding partner and family.  Hoteliers would usually celebrate important occasions either before or after.”   – Jeffrey Enriquez

“Maliit lang ang mundo ng hotel industry.  Make sure to protect your good name and image.  Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your future employers to find out about because most likely they will!” -Angel Maranan

“Kapit lang! Hope for a better future.  Soon matatapos din kung anu mang meron ngayon! God is good.”   – Elimar Baterna

“HUMILITY and KINDNESS will make you loved by many in the hotel industry.  Pag “atichona” ka, mabilis kumalat sa ibang department yan.  It’s important not just to be friends within your same team.  Tama lang na pakisamahan mo mga ka-trabaho mo pero maging mabuti ka din sa ibang departments, dahil pag ikaw nangailangan ng favor sa kanila mabilis ka nilang mapagbibigyan.” Elo Nacino-Rancap

“Wag maging madamot, share your blessings hangga’t kaya.  Pag may tip, give lang ng give sa ka-shift kasi masarap magtrabaho pag busog at masaya ang lahat.”  Jermaine Tungol

“Passion produces the best results.  Parang relasyon, pumasok ka rin lang, galingan mo na!”   Jude Medida


There you have it, 25 Hospitality Life Lessons!

How about you?

Do you have any golden nuggets you would like to share to those who are just starting out in the hotel industry?

Let me know in the comments! 

What do you think?

Written by Angel Lam Ko

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