Why Many Hoteliers Crave Solitude

So, the issue of why hoteliers crave solitude has been on my mind.  I’m not feeling especially lonely or anything.  But for context there was a social media post that made its rounds recently.  

Someone stole a photo of a guy dining alone in a restaurant and the caption indicated that the OP felt sorry for him. And even thought of offering to keep him company just so he wouldn’t have to dine alone.

This post got quite a lot of reactions, and got my attention too.  Like many others who expressed their opinion in the comments, I am also one of those people who love doing things by myself and spending time on my own.  

It got me thinking about why many hoteliers crave solitude.  And also made me realize that not everyone understands this “need” to be alone every now and then. 


The reality is that whenever I get off work, I grab whatever chance I get to spend some time by myself.  

I even go to great lengths choosing a seat in a restaurant.  I will often pick a table that’s in a corner or far from the entrance just to make sure no-one I know sees me and decides to join me. 

On my journey home using public transportation, I will put on my earphones and close my eyes. Especially if there’s a chance someone I know might come onboard. That way I’m not forced to have a conversation the entire trip home.

Person on a train on their laptop and with headphones on. Why Hoteliers Crave Solitude by Hugot Hotelier for MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines
On public transportation I put in earphones and close my eyes.


Hoteliers deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis.  We get tons of phone calls and we are bombarded by guests almost every minute.  We talk almost nonstop!  

Our smiles have to be plastered on at all times.  Our energy level has to be constantly high. We have to have interactions that require us to exert ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

Frankly, it’s exhausting!

Don’t get me wrong, I love working with people. And I love spending time with friends.  I love having conversations, laughing with other people, serving others. And I am sure you do too.

But there are just times when I simply crave the quiet.

There are times when I need to hear myself think.  There are times when I need to put that bubbly, energetic hotelier personality on pause for a while.  There are times when I need to be able to release that 24/7 smile and allow my face to relax into its normal state, and not have to worry about looking unfriendly.  

Times when I can simply exist, and not have to make so much effort to match the energy and vibe of whoever I am with.  

Times when I can just simply BE!

For many hoteliers, times like these are rare and sacred, and we savor each moment of peace. And that is why many hoteliers crave solitude.

Speaking for a lot of people who work in the hotel industry, here are just some of the moments we look forward to when we’ve just had enough and want to be left alone. Even for just a little while.

Those moments when Hoteliers crave solitude:-

That precious hour of enjoying a meal alone without having to hold up your end of a conversation.


Those first few minutes of getting inside your car after work and enjoying the silence (finally, no more ringing phones!)


Sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying your latte while people watching, reading a book or browsing your social media uninterrupted.  (If you enjoy a good latte download the RANGGO App for discounts and money off)

Person sitting by themselves in a restaurant - why Hoteliers Crave Solitude by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Putting on your earphones and enjoying your favorite music on the way to work or on the way home.

Person on a train on their laptop and with headphones on. Why Hoteliers Crave Solitude by Hugot Hotelier for MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Going to the bathroom in the middle of a busy day just to catch your breath and get away from all the noise. Even for just two minutes.


Spending your rest day at home with no plans whatsoever. Where you don’t even need to take a shower and you can just lie around in your pajamas watching your favorite series without having to talk to anyone.

Person in pajamas sitting on their sofa watching the TV on their own. Hoteliers crave Solitude. MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine


Some may think that hoteliers, especially those who work at the front of the house, are naturally extroverted and need to be around people all the time. 

What they don’t understand is that while we may be awesome at dealing with people, many hoteliers crave solitude. 

We need to have those bits of alone time to be able to recharge our batteries.


So, the next time you see someone in public eating alone, don’t assume it’s because they have no one to spend time with.  They may actually be doing it on purpose. So they can maintain their sanity and get themselves ready for another day of dealing with human beings.

What do you think?

Written by Angel Lam Ko

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