Visa Free Destinations Around the World for Filipinos (Part 1)

Visa Free Destinations Around the World for Filipinos (Part 1)

Check out our list of Visa free Destinations for Filipinos! Travelling is fun! Roaming the world and meeting new people and cultures is such a magical experience that the Germans coined the term “wanderlust”, referring to the desire to get up and travel about. The allure of adventure in the great outdoors and beyond has crept into the hearts of many and has us all yearning to pack our bags and book tickets.

That said, any frequent traveler will tell you that flying from the country and vacationing in new lands isn’t as easy as clicking on that Cebu Pacific seat sale. There’s a lot of processes involved, one of which is the issue of securing a visa.

For the budding wanderer, think of a visa on your passport as a license to visit the countries that issued said visa. Yes, most countries require a license for entry. It’s a security measure that nations have that protects its borders and citizens from unwanted foreign visitors. Not that you’re an unwanted, though!

Like a global ID system, passports and visas let the immigration personnel in airports know who you are and if you’ve been a good tourist in the other places you’ve visited. While that may sound like a monumental pain, it’s not a hurdle imposed by all countries on earth.

You read that right! Not every country on our beautiful planet requires a visa for you to visit. In fact, an extensive list of vacation and adventure destinations (with the allowed number of days for stay) that don’t require a visa awaits you. If you’re planning your next trip, you’ve come to the right place.


ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Member Countries

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Brunei Darussalam (14 days) – The Green Heart of Borneo

Described as A Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures, Brunei offers a multi-cultural experience that reflects its country’s name, “abode of peace”. Discover deep Malay heritage while enjoying the majesty of Islamic monarchial splendor. Boasting 161 kilometers of pristine coastline, filled with palm-lined beaches and blue waters, as well as virgin forests in Temburong national park, this is one archipelago that offers a beautiful spiritual experience

Cambodia (21 days) – The Border Kingdom of Kampuchea

Another cultural treasure trove, Cambodia offers a monarchial experience that matches that of Brunei. Here, the festival for all soul’s day lasts 15 days long! On top of that, you also have the Water Festival which brings to the fishing season. Seafood lovers rejoice! In addition, the world’s largest religious monument and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Angkor Wat is a sight to behold. And the beaches on the islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem remain crowd-free.

Indonesia (30 days) – The Islands Paradise

With over 15,000 islands comprising this beautiful country, Indonesia is definitely a plurality of wonderful experiences. From the sprawling capital, Jakarta to the Buddhist temples of Java to the backpacker paradise that is Bali. Each is a unique culture and scene that will make you question how many sights can you squeeze into one collection of islands.

Laos (30 days) – The Heart of the Orient

Asia is a melting pot of different cultures and Laos is a collection of breathtaking experiences that come from being right in the middle, a gateway to Asia. Listed a UNESCO Heritage Site, the city of Luang Prabang has something for everyone. Here, no one is a stranger and that’s why it is frequently considered the most charming city in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia (30 days) – The Truly Asian Experience

Boasting one of the most authentic Asian experiences the region has, from cultural diversity and religious variety to modern architecture and natural monuments. From the colorful costumes to the eclectic practices and flavors from colonial remnants to the numerous beaches and dive spots, you’re never going to run out of things to love. If you’re looking for a full tour of the region without taking too many flights, this is the place to start.

Myanmar (14 days) – The Beginning of a Journey

This is where a wonderful journey begins. Here, the warm smiles of a predominantly Buddhist culture will instantly capture your wandering heart. Visit the pagodas of Yangon, cycle around the city of Mandalay, take the circle train ride on the outskirts of Yangon, or ride a hot air balloon over the temples of Bagan, all in relatively cool, even chilly weather from October to March

Singapore (30 days) – Where Passion and Possibilities Meet

Taking a more modern tourist approach, Singapore prides itself on being an ever-evolving attraction in itself. The country aims to win over the hearts of food-explorers(Singapore Food Festival), nature-lovers (UNESCO World Heritage Site Singapore Botanic Gardens), adrenaline junkies(bungee jumping in Sentosa), clubbers(Zouk), and many other pursuits. Here, it’s all about bringing the past and the future closer and closer to the wonderful gift that is the present.

Thailand (30 days) – What’s Amazing in Asia

Thailand has a full calendar of all the local festivals they celebrate. That means you’re right in the heart of the festivities when you set foot on this amazing stretch of land. From Chiang Mai all the way to Uthai Thani, you’re given only the most amazing experiences, including the floating market in Ratchaburi.  Additionally, Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world. Massages, food, islands, buddhas, and mountains await the adventurous.

Vietnam (21 days) – Nature and Culture Utopia

Combining the majestic wonder of nature and the rich influence of its heritage, Vietnam hosts an array of scenic getaways and historical experiences.Visit the UNESCO site of Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang caves, Hoi An ancient street, and Cham islands. Whether you’re going to the Ba Na Chua Mount view or appreciating the splendor of the Tran Quoc Pagoda, you’re certain to stop in awe.

Non-ASEAN Member Countries

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Armenia (120 days, VOA) – The First Christian Country in the World

Visit Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the first cathedral in the world, first built in 1700 years ago. Or view the majestic Mount Ararat from the capital Yerevan, said to be where Noah’s Ark came to rest after the great flood. Or take the longest ropeway in the world(5,752 meters, 12-minute ride) to the Tatev Monastery, Or take a dip in Lake Sevan which is so high in the mountains that the water seems to look like it is merging with the sky. Paraglide, skiing, trekking, hiking, climbing..the choice is yours.

Georgia (30 Days, using eVisa, 90 Days VOA (ONLY if you have valid visa or residence permit from EU/EFTA/GCC, Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, UK, US) – The Cobblestone Wonderland

Looking to get lost in a new place? Why not do so upon the winding cobblestone roads within the capital city of Tbilisi which boasts of hipster nightlife.  Situated right in between Europe and Asia, with tall mountains, green hills, and stunning lakes, plus an interesting mix of eastern and western influences, this country has a unique feel accentuated by 525 grape varieties of wine which can rival that of the french.

Hong Kong (14 days) – Another Side of China

Despite being autonomous within the People’s Republic of China, this small island nation is the stuff of vacations and parties. Besides hosting a franchise of the happiest place on earth (Disneyland), many people visit Hong Kong for the Chinese culture, food, entertainment as well as the historic affluence that is unique with the place. Gamble, tour, rest, and most importantly, eat, shop and party in Hong Kong!

India (30 Days MUST apply for an eVisa) – The Other Face Of Asia

An alternative to the oriental prevalence in Asia, India is home to the golden triangle of the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur which boasts of cultural splendor, including the Taj Majal, possibly the most beautiful building in the world. The cuisine is enough to book a ticket, the beach in Goa is world class, and if you prefer spirituality, explore the place that gave birth to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Top that!

Iran (15 days, must arrive at select airports. See – The Historic Prerequisite

Home to one of the oldest civilizations, what better place to visit than someplace that’s been standing since the Persian empire? Rich in history and culture, Iran boasts 21 UNESCO World Heritage sites including the gardens Fin in Kashan, Eram in Shiraz, and Shazdeh in Kerman. Iran is so culturally diverse, even locals who travel domestically have bouts of culture shock. Although portrayed as mainly a desert place, the country has caves, forests, canyons and valleys to explore.

Israel (90 days) – The Holy Land

Holy to three monotheistic faiths, Jerusalem gets all the attention but with the Mediterranean Sea as one of its borders, from the shores of Tel Aviv to the cliffs of Acre, almost all of the shoreline is stunning and easily accessible. Another body of water that is world famous is the Dead Sea whose waters are so salty, anybody will float. With a booming foodie scene, vibrant nightlife, and fashionable denizens, Tel Aviv is one of the coolest cities in the region..a western city with a middle east flavor.

Kyrgyzstan (30 days, VOA) – The Alps of Central Asia

With 90% of the country comprised of mountains and dotted with alpine lakes, the place has a refreshing and quirky atmosphere that perfect for either a laid-back or adventure-filled vacation. The people, known as Kyrgyz, still practice the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors and is the main reason to visit the country. Horses play a big part in their culture, such that they learn to ride as early as when they are learning to walk! Ulak Tsrtysh and Tiyin Engmei are popular horse games to behold.

Macau (30 days) – The Las Vegas of Asia

Yeah, sure, Hong Kong has some of the most popular casinos on the vacation surveys, but if you’re interested in seeing how the high rollers roll, then you’re definitely going to want to go to Macau. There, you’ll find the biggest casinos that rival the noise and buzz that Las Vegas is known for. Most of the “gambling god” Chinese films are shot at the swanky establishments in this autonomous region close to China.

Maldives (30 Days, VOA. Hotel bookings and Return flight are a MUST) – The Coral Paradise

Within the heart of the Indian Ocean, you’ll find a wonderful collection of 1,000 islets that comprise the country of Maldives. The country has been so well-known with beach getaways, that you’re always going to want to throw in the name whenever you’re talking about the ultimate beach vacation. Come here for the coral reefs, the fish markets, and of course, the beaches and the resorts.

Mongolia (21 days) – The Rugged Border Experience

Another border nation that sits between two larger entities, Mongolia serves as a melting pot of cultures from China and Russia. This unique combination has given birth to a rugged mindscape that has captured the hearts of many trekkers and nature lovers. Come here for the mountains, the plains, the Gobi desert, and of course, the people of Genghis Khan.

Nepal (21 days VOA) – The Doorway to the Himalayas

It goes without saying that Mount Everest is the main reason to visit Nepal, but there’s also Mount Kanchenjunga and Annapurna. Besides the Himalayan ranges,  Rara Lake and Phewa Lake in Pokhara are also must-see destinations. You’re also going to want to pay a visit to the temples, shrines, monks and other spiritual attractions to be enjoyed in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. Chitwan National Park is where rhinos, elephants, leopards, and buffalo can be seen.

South Korea (30 days, ONLY if arriving at Jeju Island or after Visiting Korea for 4 times with visa)– The Urban Lifestyle

Who wouldn’t want to visit the country of some of the most attractive people on the planet? But you’re not just going to want to visit for the K-Pop stars. The cold yet welcoming weather along with popular destinations like Jeju Island are more than enough reasons to include Korea on your non-VISA holiday. Year round festivals include Buddha’s Birthday in May, and Chuseok, a form of thanksgiving honoring their ancestors.

Sri Lanka (30 Days, MUST obtain an Electronic Visa Authorisation)– The Ceylon Ruins

On the other hand, the adventurer at heart will find ruins to their heart’s content at Sri Lanka. Most popular of these ancient Buddhist ruins is the Sigiriya Citadel, with artifacts and structures that date all the way back to the 5th century.

Taiwan (14 days) – The Hidden Gem

Yes, Taiwan may be one of the smallest countries that are visa-free, but you’d be surprised by the number of tourist attractions there are. Who hasn’t heard of the sky-poking Taipei 101 building or the classic charm of the Hakka villages? If you’re heading there, you also need to see the sunset in Xizi Bay. They’re all found in this small island-country that also boasts national parks, vibrant nightlife, night markets, temples, beaches and even a dormant volcano.

Tajikistan (45 days VOA) – The Land of Mountains

With almost all of the country covered in mountains, it could become the mecca for hikers, climbers, adrenaline junkies, and nature enthusiasts. The Pamir Highway(M41) is the second highest road in the world and has been nicknamed Bam-i-Dunya by the locals, meaning Roof of the World. This is one of the world’s grandest adventure whether you drive or cycle it, taking one through high altitude passes surrounded by peaks and dotted with villages full of friendly people.

Timor Leste (30 Days, issues at the Dili Airport and Seaport) – The Quaint Aquatic Haven

Also known as East Timor, this country sits on top of many beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Given that, the tourists come in droves for the marine life and the resorts. Be sure to visit the Dili Resistance Museum as well as the wonderful Jaco island which is your gateway to the marine wonders of the country. Mount Ramelau goes in the opposite direction but at 2,963 meters in elevation, is still just a fairly easy three-hour hike after a similar drive time from Dili.

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