10 Ways Employees Can Show Love for Company

Have you shown love for your company recently? 

With the reboot of the industry after the global pandemic, and exciting new hotel developments popping up here, there and everywhere, employee loyalty has become a prized commodity. 

Hotels are focusing on staff retention initiatives like never before, in order to retain their existing well-trained and experienced staff.  After all, it costs a lot to hire new staff. Beyond the measurable costs such as job advertisements and training, new employees take time to settle into the role before they reach a point of being able to perform at an optimal level.  The loss of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced employees to new opportunities or industries is much more difficult to calculate.

This is why a lot of companies invest in a range of perks and benefits that serve to encourage employees to stay in the company – employee benefits, bonuses and incentives, internal awards and recognition, employee engagement activities such as company outings, family days and various parties… the list goes on.

It’s expected that companies should display love and appreciation for their valued teams, but I would argue it is just as important for employees to show love right back. 

It can be pretty tempting to jump from one hotel to another in search of a better pay and position, but if you have found an employer who that values your contributions, gives fair and reasonable compensation and benefits, and provides a great environment for working, then it wouldn’t hurt to give some love right back to your company, right?

But how exactly do you do this?

Here are a few practical ways for hospitality employees to reciprocate the care and support they receive for a strong and long-lasting working relationship.

Showing Love for Company. Image by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines

Commit Wholeheartedly to Your Job

The least you can do to show your love and care for your company is to take your job seriously.  Don’t just do the bare minimum.  Your role is not merely a set of tasks; it’s a crucial contribution to your hotel’s success. 

Take pride in your work, not just for the sake of completing your duties but for the impact each task has on the overall guest experience. Whether you are working at the front of the house serving guests directly, or making sure everything is running perfectly behind the scenes, your work matters.  

When you approach your responsibilities with dedication and enthusiasm, it also affects the entire team’s performance, and contributes to the overall success of the company. 

Participate in Company Initiatives and Programs

Companies spend a lot of time, effort and money coming up with various activities to keep employees happy and engaged.  You have your company outings, team building sessions, end-of-the-year parties, family days and sports fests.  You also have regular training sessions to help you level up your soft skills and your technical skills. 

Attending these activities shouldn’t be about showing up just because you are required to do so.  Show love for your company by embracing these opportunities as a chance to enhance your skills, build stronger connections within the team, and contribute to the overall growth of the team.

Provide Constructive Feedback and Suggestions

You, as hotel employees, are the ones directly handling the daily operations. Your insights are crucial for improvement. Speak up—your suggestions matter for the hotel’s betterment. Your input can directly impact your company’s operations and enhance the guest experience. 

Don’t hold back; show love for your hotel by letting your voice be heard. 

Embrace Company Values

Live and breathe your company’s core values—they’re the essence of your culture and are there for a reason. It’s not just about meeting a requirement; it’s a personal commitment to embodying what makes your hotel unique. Show your love for the company by living out these values every day.

Be a Team Player

Teamwork goes beyond the surface.  Take part in creating an environment where everyone in the team feels supported and valued. Celebrate each other’s successes, share the load in tough times, and build friendships that extend beyond work. Your role in strengthening your team is key to the company’s success.

Contribute to a Positive Work Environment

You know how when one of your coworkers is having a bad day, it kind of affects your team’s vibe?  Whether you realize it or not, your attitude and actions directly influence your workplace atmosphere. Remember not to take your personal problems to the workplace.  

Show love for your company by always being approachable, offering words of encouragement to your teammates, and actively contributing to a positive environment. This creates a workspace where everyone feels motivated and appreciated. This positive energy spills out to guest interactions, improving their overall experience.

Be Adaptable and Flexible

There will always be changes that will take place in any organization, whether that is dealing with different bosses or teammates, adjusting to a change in the policies and procedures or sometimes even changes in management.  It’s tempting to bail when the things we are used to are shaken up.  

However, this is one of the best ways you can show your love and commitment to your company – holding on when things are unsure and major adjustments need to be made.  

Embrace change with a positive mindset and view challenges not as roadblocks but as opportunities for growth. 

Utilize Resources Effectively and Efficiently

Respect company benefits; don’t misuse them. Avoid cheating the system or stealing company resources. Be resourceful with what’s provided, conserve, and recycle. Show love for your company by acting like you own the company – treat its resources with the same care and responsibility you would with your own.

Prioritize Guest Satisfaction

Without happy guests, hotels wouldn’t thrive. One of the best ways to show your love and commitment to your hotel family is to make sure every guest leaves happy and wanting to return. Go above and beyond in all guest interactions, exceed expectations, and anticipate their needs.

Express Gratitude to the Company

Lastly, it’s good to pause every now and then, take time to appreciate your workplace and express your gratitude for all the opportunities and positive experiences. 

There are many ways you can say “thank you.”  Express your gratitude verbally during meetings or employee events, utilize employee chats to say a quick thanks, share your positive experiences to energize and motivate the team and you can even use social media to publicly acknowledge the company. 

It’s crucial for hotel employees to care about their company. When they show genuine concern, it improves the guest experience, creates a positive work environment, and boosts service quality. 

This commitment leads to happier employees, lower turnover, and a stronger organization, ensuring both short-term success and long-term growth.

Let’s make sure to show some love to our companies today and every single day.  Follow these tips and watch your working relationship thrive and last!

Do you have more tips on how employees can show company love? Let us know!

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Written by My Ranggo

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