Sweetest Hotel Guests!

I asked people to share their sweetest hotel guests stories in Hugot Hotelier. And the most memorable things a hotel guest has done for them. 

We hear plenty of horror stories about rude and entitled guests. Guests who make life miserable for hotel employees by constantly complaining about every single thing about their stay.  Or the guests who look down on hotel staff.  And those who have absolutely no regard for other guests, let alone for employees of the hotel.  Some of them are included in my article 10 Types Of Hotel Guests You Will Find In Philippines Hotels.

But I wanted to celebrate the sweetest hotel guests.  Those rare gems who make us remember why we are in this industry.  Guests who show genuine gestures of kindness. Who treat us like family and who take the time to let us know that they appreciate us, and what we do for them.

Gathering the stories together, that you shared, I felt warm and tingly all over at the wholesomeness of it all!  Kind people still do exist.  Reading your stories, and sharing them here, shows me that there really are lots of sweetest hotel guests in the world. I hope that they go forth and multiply!  

Hugot Hoteliers Sweetest Hotel Guests stories

Joshua Randel Tandoc:-  My Sweetest Hotel Guest was just a usual guest. Or so I thought. A senior citizen who had just got back in the country, and was checking in to my hotel to quarantine.

While at the desk, I noticed how she struggled writing her details on the registration card. And said “sorry” to the person next to her, for being really slow. As front desk people, we all know what to do when we witness things like that (aka profiling) so I tagged her as HWC (Handle With Care).

At this point, I’m just making sure I’m doing my job properly.  I don’t know if I made much impact on the guest because it was just the usual for me; making sure that her hotel quarantine is comfy, and that all her needs are attended to. We check-in an average of 200-300 guests per day, and we can only allow just a few minutes of check-in for each to somehow limit exposure and prevent undesirable things from happening. There is not much time to make a traction between each guest.

She had a lot of requests during her stay, with a “sorry for bothering you” after each one. Still, it was just the usual type of requests for me. Often, she recognized my voice, but still asked for my name, before she proceeded with her requests. And we exchange a few stories over the phone, if I had the time.

The last day of her stay came and she was picked up by her daughter. Her daughter instantly identified me, as soon as she saw my nameplate. She told me that her mom wrote down my name on tissue paper. 

The daughter handed me a bag before they left.  I found out that then that they own a famous bakeshop in my hometown.  And it just so happens to be a childhood favorite of mine. The bag had a note, a good amount of cash, plus pastries as gratuities.

I couldn’t help being emotional at that time as I haven’t been home for a while due to the lockdown.

Doing something for your guests might be just a usual part of your duty for you. But for them, it cab mean the whole world.  It’s always the little things that matter.


Martina Angelica Cuenca – Santos:- Ayusin ko daw wifi nya iconnect sa tab tas nagbigay 2k tip.

One guest just asked me to fix her WIFI and then gave me a Php2,000 tip.


Hershey Pelgone-Nagasawa:- I met the President of the Hershey’s chocolate company upon express check-in. The next day he sent me 2 big bags of assorted Hershey’s chocolates!!!

Literally BIG BAGS!!!

Sweetest Hotel Guests:A hotel guest giving bags of Hershey Chocolate bars to a Hotelier as a thank you. Article By MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Joy Secreto Nofies:-  A couple asked me to help them to secure a booking in one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai.

They mentioned that 2 weeks before their vacation they had called the restaurant. However, they were told that it was fully booked for the whole month.

With the help of fellow Les Clefs D’Or, I secured a booking for them! The next morning I got a surprise; $500 and a handwritten thank you note.


Judy Claire Gabriel-Santos:- hindi ako nakita ng guest dahil naka sick leave ako. Tinanong nya sa iba asan ako.  Nung nalaman niya may sakit ako, pagbalik ko may binigay na gamot si guest.”

When I was on sick leave, one of my guests noticed I was gone and asked my colleagues why.  When he found out I was sick, he left some medicine for me.

Sweetest Hotel Guests:A hotel guest giving medicine to a Hotelier after hearing she was sick. Article By MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Johnjohn Pama:- Way back 2013 nasira talaga bahay namin ng Yolanda sa Iloilo. Nag o-OJT pa lang ako sa Boracay. May guest doon na Australiano at may asawang Pinay na lokal doon. To make it short, naka duty ako sa dining tapos sinabihan ako ng guest na umakyat sa room nila after shift ko. 

Nung nanduun na nahihiya pa ako kumatok. Pero ending nag bigay siya ng Php10,000.00, help niya daw para sa family ko. Nahihiya man ako pero Sabi ng asawa niyaa, tanggapin ko na at maliit lang daw sa kanila yun. Ayun very thankful ako that time binigay ko agad kay nanay.”

Our house in Iloilo was badly destroyed by Yolanda back in 2013 when I was doing my OJT in Boracay. An Australian guest, with a Filipina wife, found out about it and asked me to go to their room after my shift. 

I was hesitant to go but when I went there, they gave me Php10,000.00 to help my family.  I didn’t want to accept it. But his wife insisted, saying it was only a small amount for them.  I was so thankful and gave the money to my mom right away.


Carl Bryan Gutierrez:- Yung isa-isa kaming tinawag ni Ma’am Lenlen na asawa ni Bayani Agbayani para bigyan ng tip at nagpasalamat sa aming lahat bago umuwi.”

Ma’am Lenlen, the wife of local celebrity Bayani Agbayani, called us one by one to give a tip and to thank us before heading home.

Sweetest Hotel Guests:The wife of a local celebrity, giving out tips to Hoteliers before she checks-out of the hotel. Article By MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Martina Angelica Cuenca – Santos:- Hindi nya ko paglilinisin ng room basta magchikahan lang daw kami. With tip. 

 One guest said not to clean her room and asked that I just stay and chat with her. She gave me a tip


Joan DelaCruz Fernandez:- Pinagpray over nila ko sa table nila while giving my fond farewell that night in the restaurant.

The guests prayed over me after I went to their table to offer them a fond farewell.


Karen Magsayo:- ako non bakit sa tuwing naglilinis ako ng kwarto niya nakatingin sa’kin palagi.  Kaya pala kasi dino-drawing niya ako.  Mas maganda pa nga itsura ko dyan sa gawa nya.  Unforgettable experience.

I was wondering why the guest was always looking at me whenever I cleaned his room.  It turns out he was actually drawing me! I actually looked better in his drawing. Unforgettable experience.

Sweetest Hotel Guests:A hotel guest hands over a drawing of a hotel housekeeper he did of her. Article By MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Archie San Jose:- Balikbayan from US na laging nagpapapalit ng P100 bill sa desk and namimigay sa lahat ng team members na makikita nya. Habang nagkukwentuhan kami since naging ka close na, sinabi nung FO friend na malapit na wedding ko. Nakwento ko yung plans ko for the wedding reception. Before check out binigyan ako ng Remy Martin. Yun daw i-toast namin ni misis para part sya ng wedding. Sobrang na touch talaga ako. But wait, after a few days tumawag sakin yung secretary niya from the US. Pinaship na daw nung boss niya ung regalo niya sa wedding namin. 30 bottles of red wine and mga nuts kasi sinabi ko sa kanya na yun ang gagawin ko para lahat may wine na ito-toast. Naiyak talaga ako nun! 

There was a balikbayan guest who would always drop by the front desk to exchange his money into Php100 bills, which he would then give out to any staff he encountered.  We became close and started talking.  My FO friend told him I was getting married and I told him about my plans for the wedding reception. 

Before he checked out, he gave me a Remy Martin and told me to use that for the toast so he would be part of my wedding.  I was really touched. 

Sweetest Hotel Guests:A hotel guest hands over a bottle of champagne to a hotelier for his wedding, so he could be part of the special day. Article By MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines

But wait, after a few days, his secretary from the US called to say that they had shipped his wedding gift. He sent 30 bottles of red wine and nuts because I had told him I wanted every guest to have some wine to toast.  I couldn’t help but shed grateful tears!


Martina Angelica Cuenca – Santos:- ako ng guest magdidinner na yon hindi pa ko tapos sa kota at di pa nakakakain ng lunch.

One guest made me stop and eat, after finding out it I hadn’t had lunch because I was trying to finish my room quota.


Angeli Lei:- Pag o-order sila ng Jollibee, kasama na rin order namin sa Front Desk noon. Minsan kami pa pinapipili kung anong food trip namin sa gabi!

We had guests who would always included Front Desks orders when they got Jolibee.  Sometimes, they even let us choose what food trip we wanted for the evening!


Erika Bianca Diongco:- Binilhan ako ng LSG guest namin ng gamot sa sipon at potato fries kasi alam niya may konting sipon ako.

Our Long Stay Guest found out I was sick with a cold, so he bought me some cold medicine and potato fries.


Angel Oba:- Nagpa-book ng limo pa Greenbelt tapos hinatid ko lang papunta sa limo as part of being a guest service associate tapos nagbigay pa ng tip 3k.

A guest asked me to book a limo going to Greenbelt.  I accompanied him outside to the limo, as part of being a guest service associate, and he tipped me Php3000!


Marlon Pentz:- Dinalhan niya ako ng dalawang buong cake, handwritten letter at kung anu-ano pa pag check out. May sakit anak niya at binigay ko lahat ng kailangan at gusto nila kahit mahirap. Kaiyak lang! 

Do good and good things will follow you. Be kind.

One guest brought me 2 whole cakes, and a handwritten letter, among other stuff when he checked out.  His son had been sick during their stay and I tried my best to give them everything they needed. Even if it was challenging.  That made me cry!

Do good and good things will follow you.  Be kind.


Anne Aliangan:- My Sweetest Hotel Guest story? Birthday gift na Nikon DSLR!

My Sweetest Hotel Guest story? I was given a Nikon DSLR as a birthday gift!


April Irish Rey:- Nung namatay mom ko, naka-leave ako. Yung regular guest ko nagpunta sa restaurant and hinanap ako. Sinabi ng Manager ko yung nangyari then yung guest nagpunta pa sa’min and nagbigay ng 5k.

I went on leave because my mom died.  One of our regular guests went to the restaurant and he was looking for me.  He asked my manager who told him what had happened.  The guest went to our house and gave me Php5000.


Rodel Dellosa Discarga:- One resident financed my MBA.


Hanika Alday:- I remember yung guest namin from Sweden. Meron kasing foreign tour guide na nagwawala sa lobby, sinisigawan kaming mga nasa front desk at hinahampas ng payong yung desk. May security kami that time na pinanunuod lang yung ginagawa ng tour guide.

Then dumaan hotel manager asking what happened. Nireport ko, but then he just left. Actually sanay na kami sa tour guide na yun kasi bastos talaga ang ugali. The more mo awatin the more nagagalit.

Nagkataon that time yung Swedish namin na guest nasa lobby. Di na mapakali sa nakikita nya, susuntukin na niya sana yung tour guide. Buti nanawa yung tour guide sa pagwawala. After nun lumapit si Swedish na guest, nanghingi ng comment card. Tinanong ako name ng security at hotel manager ko ico-complain daw niya at walang ginawa para tulungan kami. Muntik na din daw sya makasapak. 

I remember one guest from Sweden.  There was a foreign tour guide who was making a scene in the lobby, screaming at us and slamming the desk with his umbrella.  The security personnel was just watching and not doing anything.  Then the hotel manager also passed by. Even when we told him what was happening, he just left. 

We were actually already used to this tour guide who would always throw tantrums in the lobby.  The more you tried to pacify him, the angrier he gets. 

The Swedish guest was approaching and wanted to hit the tour guide.  Good thing the guide finally grew tired of screaming and left. 

After that, the Swedish guest approached us and asked for a comment card.  He asked us for the names of the security staff, and the hotel manager, and said that he was going to complain about them because they didn’t do anything, and that he almost hit another guest because no one was helping us!

A hotel guest asking for a Comments Card at Front Desk so he can report how neither security or the Hotel Manager stepped in to help the Front Desk Officers with an altercation with a Tour Guide. My RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Genie Ilao Welan:- May Korean LSG kami tapos wala siyang anak na babae. Naging close kami, parang anak na turing niya sakin. I even call her “eomma.”

Then the night before she checked out she gave me her gold anklet and promised that she’ll be my godparent pag nagpakasal daw ako.  Hoping to see her again!”

We had a Korean Long Stay Guest.  She didn’t have any daughters and we became close.  She treated me like her own daughter. I even called her “eomma.” 

Then the night before she checked out, she gave me her gold anklet and promised that she would be my godparent when I get married.  Im hoping to see her again!


Angel Maranan:- May guest nagpabili ng flowers worth USD200. Tapos binigyan ako tip USD100. Eh yung flower shop nasa likod lang naman ng Concierge mga 20 steps away.”

One guest asked me to buy $200 worth of flowers at the flower shop and gave me a $100 tip.  The flower shop was only 20 steps away from the Concierge desk!


Han Dv-Gonzales:- Yung kita na nilang hindi ako magkanda ugaga kasi lulubog na station ko sa bar. Maya maya may pa food order na para sa’kin si guest. Kain daw ako after shift. So yun, tinago ko muna sa ilalim ng cabinet.

Some guests saw that I was crazy busy at my station at the bar. They ordered some food for me and told me to eat it after my shift.  I hid it first under the cabinet! 


Jovelyn Sagot Diones:- Yung mayroon kaming mga guest na Taiwanese na nagtatrabaho sa barko. Yung last stay nila sa hotel they invited me at ng kasama ko na receptionist at nilibre nila kami ng buffet kasama ang boss nila. Paguwi dumaan kami sa grocery store ng mall para sana bilhan kami ng groceries kaso pasara na ang mall kaya yun fruits na lang nabili namin.

We had Taiwanese guests, who were working on a ship.  During their last stay, they invited me and a fellow receptionist to have a buffet dinner with them and their boss.  And after, as we were going home, we passed by a grocery store and they wanted to buy groceries for us. It was about to close so they just bought us some fruit instead.


Patrick Gutierrez:- My Sweetest Hotel Guests story.  For the very first time, I was complimented by a guest for an excellent service in assisting him with his booking.

I’m from the reservations team and everyone knows we seldom get guest commendations, since we’re in the back of the house and guests never see us. When he was about to check out, he asked for me at the Front Desk. Then he thanked me personally and gave me a big Toblerone.

It was memorable for me, not because of the Toblerone, but it was the first time that I was complimented and thanked for my service.


Jovy Tobz:- Yung guest namin na kinasal sa resort super na appreciate niya theme ng kasal nila kasi lahat ng request na sinabi niya sa’kin n andun sa theme. Kaya ayun super tuwa nilang mga asawa, nagbigay ng tip sakin 15k.  Maliban sa tip ko nagbigay din sya sa bawat department.  Personal tip ko daw yung 15k. My Sweetest Hotel Guests.

We had guests who got married in our resort. They were super appreciative that we were able to provide all their requests for the wedding.  They were so happy with the outcome that they gave me Php15,000 as a tip.  Aside from that, they also gave a tip to each department.  They said that the Php15,000 was just my personal tip. My Sweetest Hotel Guests.


Yvonne Sta Ana Delovino:- “I really like your smile” abay bigay ng 1k Hahaha! Grineet ko lang ng good morning!

The guest said “I really like your smile” then gave me Php1000! All I did was greet him good morning!


Adrian Bisno:- Yung guest hinatid ko sa airport gamit sasakyan ng supervisor ko (APEC SUMMIT) kasi walang taxi and di pa uso Grab/Uber nun.

The couple provided me their resto card and asked me to visit them if I get the chance to be in the US, and I received a tip of $120.

During the APEC Summit, there were no taxis available and there was no Grab/Uber yet at that time.  The guests needed to go to the airport, so I drove them using my supervisor’s car. 

The couple gave me their resto card and asked me to visit them, if I ever get the chance to be in the US. And I received a tip of $120.


Niwde M. Agulto:- Yung South Korean guest kumakaway sa’kin sa pool, tapos sumigaw ng napakalakas. Dami tao nun sa pool.  Sabi ba naman “POGI POGI!” Lumingon ako sa side ko, akala ko iba ung tinatawag, ako pala! Naiyak ako pogi daw ako eh!”

There was a South Korean guest at the pool who was waving at me and shouting “Handsome, Handsome”.  I looked around because I thought he was talking to someone else. But he was calling me! I got so emotional that the guest thought I was “pogi!”


Angel Maranan:- Duty ko dati birthday ko. Nakakaiyak kasi puro bulilyaso tapos sobrang stressed. May isang guest na nalaman na birthday ko, pagbalik galing sa labas may dalang 3 mini cakes. Naiyak na lang ako.”

A hotel guest bringing a box of cakes to Angel AKA Hugot Hotelier, on hearing Angel was working on her birthday. MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines

I was on duty on my birthday. Unfortunately the day was full of stress and mistakes.  One of my guests found out it was my birthday and came back to the desk with three mini cakes and wished me a happy birthday.  I couldn’t help but cry!


It’s true that some guests can be a pain in the you-know-what.  But the sweetest hotel guests remind us that there are still many, many kind people in the world. People who see service industry employees as human beings deserving of their empathy, love and care.  People who go out of their way to show their appreciation.

I hope you guys have many more sweetest hotel guest moments like these!

Do you have any of your own memorable kind guest gestures? Share them with me in the comments!

What do you think?

Written by Angel Lam Ko

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