Inside Boracay: Week 22 – 30 Days til reopening

Boracay Lifeguards training at sunset. Photo: Goodwill Hunting
Cover Photo: Goodwill Hunting

Inside Boracay: Week 22

With just 30 days left before the Island enters Phase 1 of reopening, on October 26, Week 22 of closure sees the following:-

  • Task Force unsure how to legally implement Carry Capacity restrictions
  • DOT needs to clarify position on Airbnb Bookings
  • Increase in Accidents due to road works
  • Lifeguards begin training ahead of re-opening
  • Boracay Basura Run 2018 removes 1,664 kg of trash from White Beach

Inside Boracay: Week 22 Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force considers a Law for implementing a Cap on Visitors to Boracay

Whilst a Carry Capacity of just under 19,000 has been set for tourists visiting Boracay, the Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force (BIATF) has yet to come up with a Law to implement the cap.  In doing so, they must take in to account the existing law; The Right to Travel and Freedom of Movement (Philippine Constitution of 1987).

Florencio Miraflores, Aklan Govenor has said that the BIATF is looking in to how they can legally enforce the Carry Capacity, within the existing laws of the Country.

“We’re still looking in that direction. Indeed, there must be some legal mandate on this, so we’re talking about … how to be able to control the influx of people in Boracay,” [1. Inquirer]

Inside Boracay: Week 22 Access decisions also needed for Airbnb Bookings and Family Visits

Boracay Stakeholders are still awaiting clarity for Airbnb Bookings.   So far the DOT’s guidelines have only covered compliant Hotels, and their bookings.

According to DENR, travellers will be required to present details of a confirmed booking at a Compliant Hotel.  If they are found to be booked in at a hotel, which has not been cleared for opening, they will be denied entry to the island. Those booked into a cleared hotel will be given wristbands or cards, allowing access to the island. Boracay residents and employees will also have to register online for their Access Pass.

Things remain unclear though, for guests who have bookings at Airbnb properties on the island. As well as those renting out private residences for longer stays.  Or friends or family members who have been invited to visit.

A Boracay Stakeholder requested an update from the DOT and received the following response:-

“According to our DOT Office of Standards Monitoring and Enforcement Division, we currently have no guidelines for Airbnb accommodations establishments. Airbnb accommodations establishments are not regulated by DOT.

As of this time, we are still finalizing the guidelines for the soft opening of Boracay on October. Rest assured that if we already have the guidelines, we’ll share it to you immediately. Thank you”

Inside Boracay: Week 22  Business Owners start to return to Boracay, and accidents increase

With one month to go, Business Owners are starting to return to the island.  Week 22 sees the slow return of businesses to D’Malls Market Place, and to Tour Offices, Restaurants and Cafes.

For a while it was worrying that all that would be offered to guests, on Re-opening, was a beautiful beach.  But with the sight of familiar faces, that haven’t been seen for months, this can only boost the ‘solid remainers’ happiness levels.

However, with people returning, the island is seeing an increase in serious accidents on Boracay’s demolished Roads.  Because they haven’t been here throughout the closure they’re unaware of where the potholes and deep pits are, which are concealed at night.  There are also no warning signs or barriers around them.   One F&B (Food and Beverage) Manager for a luxury Resort arrived back on the island last week, to take up his employment again.  The day after he arrived he fell into one of the pits, that have been dug on the roads, and broke his leg.

Another person fell over just a few days ago, cracking open his head.  He has had to have stitches and strong antibiotics to counter any bacteria picked up from the water he came in to contact with.  Another person replied on the post that their sister had fallen in to a dug ravine at night too.  It was so deep she couldn’t touch the floor and feared she may drown, clinging on to a cable until someone heard her cries and pulled her out.

Whilst it is expected that the main road will be completed for the Phase 1 Opening, it is vital that any areas of demolished road are cordoned off, and surrounded by Hazard Signs ahead of tourist arrivals.

  • Boracay's D'Mall Reopens Sept 2018
  • Boracay's D'Mall Reopens Sept 2018
  • Increases in accidents on Boracay's Roads Sept 2018
  • Increases in accidents on Boracay's Roads Sept 2018
  • Increases in accidents on Boracay's Roads Sept 2018

Inside Boracay: Week 22 Sunny Side Cafe Group hold a Thank You Celebration ahead of their return to Boracay.

Odette and Nowie Potenciano, owners of the Sunny Side Cafe Group, held a Menu Tasting evening this week.  The event was to promote new menu items for each of their restaurants.  It was also held to say ‘thank you’ to their staff, friends and customers who had assisted them during Boracay’s Closure.   Odette and Nowie were able to work with a number of friends and peers in Manila to secure Pop-up Spaces for their Boracay restaurants.  As well as Staff Housing for their 50 employees.

Odette told Inside Boracay, that they will be opening their restaurants again, on Boracay on 26th October.   It is expected that all the restaurants at Station X (Hue Hotel) will also open on the 26th October/

  • Sunny Side Cafe hold a celebration ahead of their return to Boracay
  • Sunny Side Cafe hold a celebration ahead of their return to Boracay
  • Sunny Side Cafe hold a celebration ahead of their return to Boracay
  • Sunny Side Cafe hold a celebration ahead of their return to Boracay

Inside Boracay: Week 22 Boracay’s Lifeguards Up their Training Program for the Opening

Boracay’s Lifeguards have upped the intensity of their Training Program, in preparation for the Island’s Re-opening in one months time.

Officers of the Philippine Life Savings Academy (PLSA), including President Gerardo A. Nobis Jr, and former SOG’s of the Philippine Coast Guard have visited the island to assist with the training of existing and new Lifeguards.  The training includes instruction from the American Heart Society on Basic Life Support (BLS) and CPR.  Once completed, the PLS Trainees will be considered fully-trained and licensed Lifeguards.

Thanks have been given to both Crimson Resort and the Shangri-La, for allowing training sessions to take place in the Resorts grounds.

  • Boracay Lifeguards training at sunset
  • Boracay Lifeguards training at sunset
  • Boracay Lifeguards training at sunset
  • Boracay Lifeguards training at sunset

Inside Boracay: Week 22 – Boracay Closure Day 148

Trina Violet has gained a massive following on Youtube with her Boracay Rehabilitation update Videos.   Trina’s videos show the realities of living on an Island under a massive rehabilitation program. Check out here video for this week here

Inside Boracay: Week 22 – September 22 Boracay Basura Run 2018 removes 1,664 kg of trash from White Beach.

Boracay Foundation Incorporated organized a Saturday morning Beach Clean and Fun Run.   The event was in partnership with the 813 Marine Company Reserve and Boracay Multisport Club.  Starting at 6am with a warm up, participants ran the length of White Beach, collecting trash as they ran.

A total of 1664 kg of trash was collected.  After 5 months of rehabilitation and few people on the island, there has been very little trash left on the beach.  The trash collected has been dumped into the ocean from elsewhere in the Philippines.  Mother Nature giving back to us, what we gave to her!

You can check out a video of the run here, on Boracay Drone’s Facebook Page

Inside Boracay: Week 22 September 23 Akelco Slowly Updating the Islands Electrical Provision

Akelco, with the help of 55 technicians and engineers from 10 different Electric Companies, is gradually replacing old poles and wiring, after years of blackouts, blown transformers, and an overloaded system.

As of 23rd September:-

  • 124 out of 150 Poles have been replaced/errected
  • 4,330 Meters of Line Stringing completed, out of expected 6,977
  • 7 Distribution Transformers relocated, out of expected 25
  • 27 Poles ‘retired’ out of expected 110
  • 684 Kwhr Meters Clustered out of an expected 944

As a result of the delays and missed targets, Islanders are now experiencing All Day Blackouts as the team, known as Task Force Kapatid rushes to try to complete the work.

Inside Boracay: Week 22 September 25th DPWH committed to completing the Road Build before reopening

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Region VI Assistant Regional Director, Jose Al Fruto, has said that the department is doubling its efforts to get the main road of Boracay completed before the Phase 1 Opening on October 26.

As of 25th September a total of 1.13 km’s of road has been paved, although mostly only one side of the road. In addition, over 2.91 km’s of drainage pipes have been installed, with just 1.19km’s left to complete.

DPWH Secretary, Mark Villar made a point that progress had been delayed mostly because of the incessant rains experienced during this years Habagat Season.  More than half of their time on the island has been affected by rain; 47 days out of 82.  He added that 628 will be delivered to the island within the week as well [2].

Inside Boracay: Week 22 September 25th Lemoni Cafe turns 13

Lemon Cafe turned 13 on the 25th September.

Their Anniversary Parties are waited on with anticipation and usually follow a refurbishment of the premises.  Lemon Cafe is one of the few establishments that has managed to stay open during the closure of Boracay, offering ongoing employment to their staff.  As well as respite to many people wanting normality among the chaos of rehabilitation.   Congratulations Lemon Cafe, Sarah, Julia and staff team.  And Thank You for staying open

  • Lemon Cafe Boracay
  • Lemon Cafe Boracay, julia and beth
  • Lemon Cafe Boracay Julia, Sarah and Beth

Inside Boracay: Week 22 A Week in Photos

  • Roadworks in Boracay during closure
  • Roadworks in Boracay during closure
  • Roadworks in Boracay during closure
  • Roadworks in Boracay during closure
  • Boracay sunset during closure
  • White Beach Boracay during closure
  • White Beach Boracay during closure
  • White Beach Boracay during closure
  • White Beach Boracay during closure
  • Roadworks in Boracay during closure

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