Richard Joseph C. Jacinto (RJ)

Richard Joseph C. Jacinto (RJ)
Operations Manager, Red Swan Catering
Vice President, 8 Food Storeys (Chicken Storey)
President, JCR Group Food Manufacturing Inc. (Dynamita Hot Sauce)
Digital Marketing Head, Brave Warrior Kids Foundation

Richard Joseph C. Jacinto (RJ) Richard Joseph C. Jacinto (RJ) Richard Joseph C. Jacinto (RJ)

Three things you make sure you focus on in your work:

Starting the day with a positive and grateful attitude.
Finding the fun in work.
Prioritizing daily tasks.

Top tip for your Hospitality colleagues:

Communicate well with everyone. This, for me, is the most vital component in the Hospitality Industry. It’s having a clear understanding of what the clients need and delivering what is promised, which is the key in maintaining a good relationship with the people in business.

Your activities:

Aside from my work, I am also one of the Co-founders of the Brave Warrior Kids (BWK) Foundation. Our foundation helps under-privileged children with cancer and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Since BWK was established in 2016, we have supported more than 500 kids and we continue with our mission to this day.

As of last year, we are closely monitoring 8 kids and their treatments. We are proud and glad to say that 4 of the kids are now cancer free. This would have not been possible without the generous people who have spent time, money and effort to our cause.

Sports has always been a part of my life and I am particularly fond of playing basketball. I make sure I schedule games every week. It helps keep me active and sane.


My Mom is my biggest influence in life. It remains a mystery to me how she was able to raise five children and establish a food business at the same time. She was born an only-child and growing up self-reliant was the key to her grit, determination and success.

What’s in your Future?

The food industry is at an exciting moment, where technology and fast service is at the forefront.

We are witnessing a shift in consumer behavior in food service, where more people are using mobile technology to order food. There is a growing market in this segment and we are investing in this idea. This creates convenient and personalized services for customers as well.

We are adapting to this service-oriented demand which opens a more challenging opportunity for product and service expansions.

As for the Brave Warrior Kids Foundation, we hope that the number of cases do not increase but we are trying our very best to keep up and continuously support our current and future beneficiaries. We look forward to collaborating with private companies and NGOs to further our cause.

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Written by Mike Vargas

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