Halloween Costume Trends for 2019

Halloween Costume Trends for 2019

Halloween is nearly upon us. Check out RANGGO’s suggestions for trending costumes for 2019, as well as some ideas for making your own Halloween costumes.

The Joker

Todd Phillips’ The Joker is still on at the cinema, so you can guarantee that this costume will be a popular one this year. Popular if you can get your hands on a wine-red suit. Certainly online shopping site, Lazada is offering red suits for 433P for a blazer, or 871P for a 3-piece suit. Then it’s just a case of some green spray in hair-dye and easy to achieve clown make-up.

The Joker


IT is probably a sure shoe-in when it comes to Halloween this year. A costume simple to achieve with a white clown or Pierott outfit, orange wig and red balloon. Alternatively, if you’re nimble with a needle make your own top from an old white bed sheet and some white netting built up in to a ruff . Check out Christine San Diego our Restaurant Visionary in her Pennywise outfit last Halloween. Clown outfits are also available from Skitzo Manila

Pennywise Halloween Christine San Diego


Whilst Annabelle was released in 2014, the film remains popular and a costume is still easily recognised. Shopee is selling adult Annabelle Dresses and facemasks with prices ranging from 771-1,790P. Lazada also has some costumes and wigs


Another trending film character, entering the ranks again in 2019. When the film first hit the screens in 2014, it was difficult to find her horns and many resorted to paper-mache. But now Lazada and Shopee sell not just the dresses but also the horns. The Horns range from 426P and the dresses 855P

Maleficent Halloween Outfit

Group Halloween Outfits

Disney Princesses

With the recent, popular ‘If Disney Princesses were Filipino’ video, why not jump on the bandwagon! Gather your girlfriends together and rock the Disney Princess outfits

Disney Princesses Halloween

Super Heroes

Take your pick from Marvel, Batman, X-Men, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy

Beer Pong

Quite possibly one of the cheapest group outfits to make per person. All you need are 10 people, 10 bins, white paint, and balls, as well as White T’-shirts.

Halloween Group Costume Ideas

Stranger Things

Rock the throw-back to the 80’s by getting your gang together to form the Stranger Things Line up. Have a root through the local Ukay Ukay stores to find your outfits …. but who will shave their head?

The Umbrella Academy

A Netflix series just screaming out for a group Halloween Outfit. The Academy uniforms are probably the more recognizable but who can resist wanting to dress up as Klaus


Another group idea from Netflix; Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, Kevin and Josie

Riverdale Halloween Costume ideas

Quick and Easy Halloween Outfits

Day of the Dead

A yearly favourite and easy to achieve with face paint, Stick-on Gem Stones, flower garland and a mexican style dress. Check out the video for achieving the look.

Sea Anemone

Buy several packs of long balloons in one colour, match the colour with a long sleeved T-shirt to wear underneath and buy a couple of Nemo’s to attach to a head band

Easy Halloween Costumes Sea Anemone
From Good Housekeeping

Bubble Bath

Another one with balloons. Buy a bag of white round balloons, blow them up to a variety of sizes, and attach them with a safety pin to a dress or long T-shirt. Pop on a Shower Cap, or wrap a towel around your head and your outfit is complete

Easy Halloween costumes
Taken from 5 Easy DIY No-Sew Halloween Costumes

Pulp Fiction’s Vince Vega and Mia Wallace

A classic and so easy to achieve; White shirts and black trousers for both, black jacket for Vince and a shoe-string tie. Mia needs a black bob wig and gets to sport blood running from her nose, to complete the look.

Pulp Fiction Halloween couple outfits

Freddie Mercury

Pale or white Jeans with a studded belt, white tank, Aviator sunglasses, slicked back hair and a heavy duty fake mustache – easy and quick!

Freddie Mercury Quick Halloween costume ideas

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Written by Trudy Allen

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