Nacionale Bladeworks: Chef Knives Make the Cut!

Nacionale Bladeworks: Chef Knives Make the Cut!

Nacionale Bladeworks design and make Chef Knives to match the fast-paced nature of a professional kitchen.  Their Japanese-style Knives are crafted to meet the high standards of professional chefs, as well as passionate home cooks.

The meticulous design of their chef knives take inspiration from Japanese Bladesmiths; combining traditional techniques and advances in metallurgy, for reliable, dependable and sharp knives.

Nacionale Bladeworks are proud of their chef knives and the chefs and kitchens who have sworn allegiance to the blade range.  On the release of their latest promotional video Nationale Bladeworks featured Chef Ryan Patrick of Habanaro Kitchen Bar, having learned that he was a Nationale Bladeworks devotee:-

“Chef Ryan Patrick of Habanero Kitchen Bar is one of the most innovative chefs we’ve ever met.”

Chef Ryan Patrick Dimapilis, was trained by Chef Gene Gonzales and studied at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies.  Ryan was the Executive Chef for Two Seasons Boracay between 2007-2014. He opened Habanero Kitchen Bar, Cubao X in 2015 and has been making waves in the culinary world ever since with his innovative menus and dishes.

Rogue Magazine wrote:

“It’s what food magazines might call “elevated” or even haute cuisine. But the setting calls for a lack of pretension. This isn’t a place for finely dressed people to ooh and aah over little bites of fanciful cooking. The food at Habanero is bold and straightforward, the advanced techniques all put toward maximizing flavor.”

Ryan freely admits that the location of Habanero was all he could afford in 2015, but it was a successful gamble.  Not only because of his menu and creative cocktails, which drew a crowd.  But because Cubao Expo, the old Shoe Expo area, has become THE place to hang out.  Check out our feature on Tacio’s, another rising success in Cubao Expo.

If we were to recommend any particular Habanero dishes, although all are divine, they would be as follows:-

  • Oyster Sisig
  • Mussels Sisig Pizza
  • Lechon Habanero
  • Turon Habanero – Turon with cotton candy, topped with habanerolangka Jam and cinnamon

More details about the Chef Knife range can be found here:-

Nacionale Bladeworks

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Written by Trudy Allen

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