Social Media: Campaigning and Marketing in 2018

Social Media: Campaigning and Marketing in 2018

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can offer a great expansion for marketing and building your business.  But how do you decide what is cutting edge and what is over the top? Here are a few things that may, or may not work, when building a business using Social Media.

There is no doubt that sites such as Facebook have a considerable influence on the decisions of the younger generation. If your company runs a successful advertising campaign implementing Facebook and other sites, like Instagram or Youtube, you could see your follower or engagement numbers double or triple. Social Media allows you to give anyone multiple viewings of a segment while still owning the content.

Companies like Old Spice and Taco Bell have created amazing advertising campaigns directed squarely at the internet population. While they are on the top of the curve, others can’t seem to find the right message that speaks to the masses.  Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with Social Media.

Campaigning and Marketing in Social Media in 2018: What you should do?

Be polite…that should be common sense.

A company looking for a massive following should always cater to a crowd. Sometimes they will be humble while other times they may seemingly belittle a follower. Either way they should know how to have fun with a situation, and also understand where the joke lies or ends. Telling someone they “suck” or they are “stupid” does nothing for the brand. Sometimes you can be aggressive to someone and yet have the joke focused on you. Try to keep in mind what the greater goal is. It is very easy nowadays for people to complain via Facebook about companies and employees just like you. The concept of the internet, along with Social Media, allows anyone to speak their mind without the repercussions of a face to face scenario. That is what makes the internet so popular.

One perfect example of managing your reputation, and gaining followers because of it is The White Moose Cafe in Ireland.  The owner is renowned for being blunt, to the point and not following the ‘The customer is always right’ trend.  In 2018, an ‘influencer’ made the mistake of copying him in to a blanket email to several hotels, seeking a free hotel stay during one of the busiest periods; Valentine’s Weekend.     Paul, the owner, went to town on the audacity of the Influencer, who certainly hadn’t done her homework and was looking purely for a freebie.  The followers of his Facebook delighted in his public response, and he also gained new followers as traditional media picked up the story.

What you should NOT do

Don’t respond to stupidity! That may that sounds ridiculous but many people cannot help themselves. That is exactly what these people want; that is actually the definition of a Troll. Always remember that whatever you say on Social Media is a representation of your brand. The beauty of Social Media is that it is free marketing and, if done right, can bring a countless amount of business to your company. Along with all those positive aspects comes one serious downfall, everyone has a say.

Campaigning and Marketing in Social Media in 2018: Where do we go from here?

The trick is to understand your brand and understand what kind of crowd you are appealing to.  Hire people that understand the nuances of Social Media and are accustomed to it; finding the right person might not be the easiest situation.

How do you hire someone for such a role when you have no idea what qualifications they are supposed to have?

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when looking for, or working with, a Social Media Consultant,

    1. Avoid someone within the business that happens to be into Social Media.  They probably know too much about the goings on within the company and already have a bias towards certain employees.
    2. Give strict details of what the company wants to portray. Don’t give a stranger free range on your Social Media. Make set rules and regulations for what is posted.
    3. Understand and market to your demographic; if your product or services are aimed at a particular age group, or gender, be aware where they are most likely to engage within Social Media options, and what types of posts they respond to.  Check out rival or peer companies to see what they’re doing and if they have good engagement.
    4. Be smart about what you are trying to convey. Sometimes humor or sarcasm is the worst decision, make sure you find someone that understands subtlety, and knows when to ask if a situation is unclear.
    5. Find good and bad examples of Social Media. Educate them on what you think is appropriate. Just because you are not into Social Media should not be an excuse for situations regarding social media.

Is Social Media a good fit for marketing a product or a person? Of course. That is the era that we are in now.

In the restaurant business we are littered with online critics, delivery companies, and even celebrity appearances, all to boost ratings. It’s completely OK to ride the wave of the goings on in the hospitality world but always be humble in the fact that some of the most brilliant restaurants in the world don’t have a phone, much less a Facebook page.

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