Real Talk Hotelier Advice from Your Ates and Kuyas

Your hotelier Ates and Kuyas are here to dish up some “Real Talk” hotelier advice with 25 tips to read and absorb. 

We recently published an article called 25 Hospitality Life Lessons where we featured wise and worldly advice coming from hoteliers, who shared their thoughts on the Hugot Hotelier Facebook page.  Most of the advice centered around character, integrity, maintaining good working relations and making sure your guests are happy.

This time around, we are featuring some of the more practical and amusing Real Talk Hotelier advice from our followers, as Part 2 of our Words of Wisdom Series from Seasoned Hoteliers. 

When you enter the hospitality industry, sometimes it pays to have your Hotelier “ate” or “kuya” to guide you with some “real talk” hotelier advice on the dos and don’ts of the job.  There are just some things you simply can’t find in the staff handbook, or discussed during training and orientation.  So here are 25 things you need to keep in mind!


“Real Talk” Hotelier Advice from your Hotelier Ates and Kuyas


“Guests can tell if you’re doing it just for the tip.”

  • Angel Maranan


“Kapag sinabi sa iyo nang IT na i-restart mo yung workstation mo, i-restart mo. It usually fixes the problem.”

  • Jay Manuel


“The best attitude you can have is not to have an attitude. Hayaan mo ang guest na umattitude, hindi ikaw. Sumesweldo ka at hindi nagbabayad ng room rate + taxes and service charge.”

  • Jude Medida


“Make sure na you’re entering this industry for the love of it and not for the cash. Madali kayo mapapagod if you’re only after the cash.”

  • Miko Cabrera


“If you don’t care for guests and colleagues, then this is not the industry for you.”

  • Jude Medida


“Hospitality is service with passion.”

  • Belle Barcelona


“Mga pangalan ng masasama ang ugali nakasulat sa employee locker room at staff toilets. At pinag-uusapan sa private group chats.”

  • Jude Medida


“Wear a mask.”

  • Dione Joseph Tadeo


“Don’t burn bridges.”

  • Ken Kapulong


“Whatever stress you may get from work, leave it there. Don’t bring it home. Always stay positive, for tomorrow is another day.”

  • Hanika Alday


“Dont kawkaw the glass of water if the irate guest is rude.”

  • Franco Laroa


“Wag panay ENT sa buffet para magkasya uniform buong taon!”

  • Joelle Acuna


“Always read the logbook for endorsements.”

  • Ginoy Necesito


“At work, always focus on the goodness of others. People are naturally good. Only stress makes them go rude.”

  • CJ Rivera


“Anticipate guest’s needs but don’t assume.”

  • Katey Valdez


“Wag kang late pumasok lalo ng kapag may lakad kapalitan mo!”

  • Teody Grey Germanis


“I-train lang ang mga OJTs.  No more, no less.”

  • John Navarro


“Kapag uminom sa gabi, wag hayaang di makapag-duty kinabukasan.  Kahit uminom ka from dusk till dawn, basta maka-duty ka on time at hindi male-late para hindi ka isumpa ng mga ka-department mo.”

  • Yhelena Alcantara


“Wag tatalo ng katrabaho kung ka-department mo, at lalo na kung alam mong taken ka na din.  Okay lang kung sa ibang department as long as walang conflict of interest or professional kayo parehas.  Ako sa FO, girlfriend ko sa Finance at lagi akong may Audit Slip or request for IR galing sa kanya.  Walang jowa jowa, work is work.”

  • Gabriel Brozas


“Dapat alam niyo kung nasaan and CR kasi yun ang laging hinahanap ng guest.”

  • EJ John


“Wag kayong tamarin, magpalit kayo ng bedsheet!”

  • Siako Yeowhb Villaruel


“Never assume na hindi marunong mag-Tagalog ang guest sa harapan niyo.  Madami nang nabiktima dyan.”

  • Angel Maranan


“Huwag mag “sick leave” tapos nasa milk tea shop ka sa My Day mo.”

  • Jude Medida


“Follow and improve your work system, huwag puro petiks, ikaw din ang lugi.  Tandaan mo, OT is waving, pag minalas pa short si kaha may kasama pang memong dala! Remember, your results depend on your effort.”

  • Hilje Kim


“Kapag hindi mo tip, huwag mong kunin.”

  • Jayr Matic Mangiliman


You will always encounter different scenarios and situations at work, but if you bear in mind these bits of real talk hotelier advice, you should be able to cruise through your hotelier career smoothly!  Remember to always listen to those that came before you; they will always have a lesson or two for you.


Have you been working in the hotel industry for a long time and have some advice you’d like to share with us?  Drop it in the comments and you might see it included in the next installment of this series!

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Written by Angel Lam Ko

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