Rating Hotel Guests.

What if there was an App for Rating Hotel Guests?!
Something like TripAdvisor.

But instead of guests reviewing hotels and employees, it is us, rating Hotel Guests! And hotels could check to see a guests ratings before deciding whether to accept a booking from them.

Laptop open to a Guest Rating App. Article Rating Hotel Guests by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine
What if there was an App for Rating Hotel Guests?!


Is this a bizarre thought? It probably is.

But I test ran an exciting new App from MY RANGGO, the other day (n.b. It’s not a Rating Hotel Guests App). And it got me thinking about rating and ranking.

So, if there was an App for rating Hotel Guests, these are the behaviors or attitudes which would gain them a Five Star Rating from me.


Rating Hotel Guests: Five Star Behaviors

Waiting patiently, in line, for their turn.
When a guest waits patiently in line, it shows respect and empathy towards the service provider. And to everyone else who is waiting in the queue.

Nothing puts customer service employees off more than entitled guests.

If we were rating hotel guests, I would deduct stars for queue-jumping, tapping feet, pointed watch-watching, side (but loud) comments or audible heavy-sighing or tutting, whilst waiting.


Presenting complete details, when checking-in or making a request.
We all love guests who approach Front Desk with a copy of their confirmation letter, their passport or ID and their credit card ready. They make life so much easier for us and it helps us make the check-in process faster for them too!


Guest at a Hotel Front Desk with her booking confirmation and ID ready to be checked in. Article Rating Hotel Guests by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine
Guests who are ready, with a copy of their confirmation letter, their ID and their credit card, make check-in so much easier


Those guests who approach front desk just saying their last name, and nothing more, would definitely lose rating stars from me.  We carry out numerous tasks and responsibilities from Front Desk. And we are definitely not mind-readers:

What would you like me to do with that information?!

Are you here to check in?

To check out?

Are you asking me to check for any messages or visitors?


Calling me by my name.
Humans, by nature, love the sound of their name. And we are taught, from the start of our career, to greet our guests by name. We check with guests if it is okay to call them by their first, or family name. Or at least by the title “Ma’am” or “Sir”.

When guests call me by my name it makes me feel that they see me as a person. Instead of a robot who is there only to do whatever they ask. Or worse, someone unimportant who doesn’t warrant them bothering to learn the name of.

It’s quite easy for a guests too. They don’t even have to memorize our names; they’re right there on our name tags!
A guest who calls me by my name when greeting, or talking to me is going to get a star rating from me!


Saying “Please” and “Thank you”.
Common courtesy goes a long way in any situation. And, guests who remember to say “Please” or “Thank you”? Well they are stellar guests in my eyes.

Too many people forget to treat hotel, restaurant or bar employees kindly. Too many people forget common courtesy is appreciated. Even if the person is “paid to do the job”.

Please and Thank You, words that should be second nature, can often be forgotten.

But when they are remembered. Or when they are applied (even though it is my job to check you in, or check you out, or prepare your final bill). Well, those moments make me smile, and make me feel noticed, considered and appreciated.


Thanks by way of a Tip or Gift
I don’t expect tips or gifts. And in many countries tipping isn’t even a thing! (Can you imagine!) But when a guest wants to show their appreciation for my service to them, it is something I really appreciate.

I love guests who, remembering a conversation we had about my favorite chocolate, gift me a bar or box as a thank you.

Or guests who bring me back a little gift from a shop, restaurant, coffee shop or local attraction, which I recommended them to visit.

It is recognition that my excellent service to them has been noticed and appreciated. It doesn’t matter if the gift or tip is big or small.


Greeting me, in return.
Yes. It’s part of my job to greet every guest. There have been so many times, when I have greeted guests in the hotel but they have neither greeted me back, smiled or acknowledged my greeting.

This does sting. It makes me feel like I am just five inches tall! Or invisible! And, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

It doesn’t hurt to say “Hi”. Or to at least give me a smile, or nod of your head, instead of ignoring me completely.

So, if a guest simply smiles at me after my greeting. Or replies with a “Good Morning/Afternoon” back. Well, that’s a star rating from me!

Guest Greeting a Hotelier in the lobby. Article Rating Hotel Guests by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine


Using the linen “green cards” aka helping to save the environment.
Let’s be honest; how often do we change our bed sheets and towels at home? I’m confident that it’s not every day!

But some guests expect daily linen changes as a perk of staying at a hotel; a little bit of “luxury living”.

Guests who use the “green cards”, to inform housekeeping that there is no need to replace the sheets and towels, make room attendants happy to be assigned to their room.

Guest advising Housekeeping not to change their bedsheets or towels. Article Rating Hotel Guests by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine


Not only does this simple act cut down housekeeping’s work significantly. But guests are doing their part towards saving the environment. They are helping the hotel save on laundry detergent, and the gallons of water, used daily to wash single-used towels or bed sheets.

Doubly considerate! I like these kinds of guests. So it’s a five star from me!


Taking only what they can eat, at the buffet.
The amount of food that goes to waste from hotel buffets is unbelievable!

Many guests take so much more than they can manage to eat. They pile their plate high. Sometimes more than one plate. Just to get their “money’s worth”.

Some guests pile their plates so high, that they clear a whole tray of food. Even though they can’t possibly eat that much. And then other guests have to wait for that tray to be replaced by the chef.

Then, at the end of their meal, they leave platefuls of untouched food on their table. Because they couldn’t eat everything they’d served themselves.

Safety protocols mean that plates of untouched food need to go directly in to the trash. So, after every buffet there is a shocking amount of uneaten food, which is thrown away.

So, those guests who only serve themselves what they know they can manage to eat, get five stars from me. They are considerate of the other guests. And they are considerate about food wastage.


Being respectful of hotel linens, towels and furniture.
I love guests who treat their hotel room as if it were their own bedroom. Guests who are mindful of keeping the room tidy and how much things cost to replace.

There are some guests who happily eat on their beds, rather than at the table in their room. Or from the tray provided. They leave sauce stains and food spill stains all over the sheets.

Some guests use the hotels pristine, luxury white towels to remove their makeup. Or to pat dry their newly acquired henna tattoo. Some stains never come out, so those sheets and towels need to be retired.

I love and appreciate guests who treat the hotel room, and its amenities, as if it’s their own.


Praising us, to our Manager, when we did a good job.
As hoteliers, we crave to hear that our actions made a difference.

So, when guests take the time to write an email. Or, when they personally speak to my manager to let them know about the exceptional service I provided to them, it totally makes my day. It can be a timely reminder to me, why I am in this industry in the first place.

In a world of guests putting in complaints, those guests who express their appreciation, and who spread encouragement and gratitude, Well, they are five star guests for me!

If you think about it, it really doesn’t take a lot to be a 5-star guest.

Most of the things that will make employees love a guest, and look forward to their visits, are actually just things that can be categorized as being a good human being.

Sadly, it seems ‘common courtesy’ is no longer so common. So much so, that we are ecstatic when we encounter guests that actually treat us with kindness and respect.

Once a guest gains a reputation for “being one of the good ones”; a Five Star Guest, I can guarantee that the service they receive will feel exceptional. Of course, as hoteliers, we have been trained to provide excellent service to everyone. And we do.

But Five Star Guests already have a different outlook on life.

They ‘see’ us as people, rather than lowly staff. They treat us with respect and consideration. They see all the positives. And give less weight, or thought, to the negatives. Because they have this attitude, or outlook, they really do notice exceptional service. They appreciate it. And they thank us for it.
And there is nothing we love doing more than reciprocating good treatment. And going above and beyond for guests!

What guest behavior or attitude would earn a 5 Star Rating from you? Let me know in the comments
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What do you think?

Written by Angel Lam Ko

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