10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Female Hoteliers

If you’re stumped about the perfect Christmas gifts to buy the female hotelier in your life, Hugot Hotelier is here to the rescue!

Christmas is fast approaching. And a lot of us still haven’t finished our Christmas shopping just yet.  But worry no more as Hugot Hotelier has come up with a list to guide you as you in your last-minute shopping!  You don’t even have to wait for delivery!

10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Female Hoteliers

Pearl Earrings

Many hotels require their female frontline staff to wear only pearl earrings.  It looks polished, professional and works wonders in brightening up the face.

Hotelier wearing a pair of pearl earrings. Article Perfect Christmas Gifts for Hoteliers by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Any female hotelier would love to receive nice, decent-sized white pearl earrings to add to their collection.  

Coffee Or Coffee-related Stuff

Most hoteliers have coffee running through their veins.  A quick perk-me-up on morning shifts, an after-lunch anti-sleepiness potion for the afternoon shift. Or liquid batteries for the midnight shift.  We absolutely love our coffee! 

Give us some gift certificates for our favorite coffee shop. Or some cute or pretty coffee mugs, plus some fresh coffee beans. 

Nothing says “I love you” to hoteliers than a nice cup of coffee when they are struggling to stay awake.

Massage/Mani/Pedi Gift Certificates

Hoteliers are always on their feet, and female hoteliers have it worse since they usually wear closed shoes with heels. 

During rest days, and often at the topmost in the list of things we want to do, is to get a full-body massage. Or a good foot spa and pedicure to pamper our tired, achy feet. 

Give the female hotelier in your life a gift certificate for a session or two of pampering.  She’ll love you for it! 

Pedicure and Massage Gift Certificates on a blue background. Article Perfect Christmas Gifts for Hoteliers by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

I wish I could say that you should give the massage yourself for a personal touch. But then again, we really need a professional to do it.  

One Year Supply Of Stockings.

One of the most annoying things for a hotelier is getting dressed for work, only to find out you’re out of a fresh pair of stockings. Or that your last pair has a run. 

This is one of those staple shopping list items that we wish we didn’t need to buy so often, but unfortunately have to. 

Gift us with enough stockings to last us for a while and we’ll be so thankful for it! 

A Good Red Lipstick

Hotels also have a standard makeup look for their front-line staff.  Often, this includes neutral eye makeup and red lips. 

Give your hotelier honey a nice red lipstick to help her look her best at work.  Some favorites are MAC Russian Red and MAC Ruby Woo. 

Female Hotelier applying lipstick. Article Perfect Christmas Gifts for Hoteliers by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Make sure to sneak a peak at her make-up band, and make a note of the name or number of her lipsticks, to make sure you by the right shades of red.  (Yes! there are different types of red and not all will suit her).

Quality Hairspray

One of the distinctive things about hotel female frontliners is the ability to quickly put their hair up in a French twist within seconds! It takes practice and a little bit of talent. 

However, that’s only half of the equation when it comes to having a perfectly coiffed hairstyle.  The other half is a good, strong hairspray.  Not only that, it also has to smell good and not leave any undesirable residue on the hair at the end of the day. 

A crowd favorite is Pantene hairspray.


In a workplace where staff are made to look almost identical to one another in the name of uniformity, one of the ways hoteliers can stand out is through their scent.  A good perfume helps make a lasting impression. 

Man purchasing perfume for his girlfriend. Article by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Give her the gift of a new signature scent this Christmas!  But look for subtle rather than pungent!

Fluffy Pillow Or Comforter

“If you love somebody, let them sleep.”

This is SO TRUE, especially for hoteliers!

With our erratic schedules and long hours, sleep is often a luxury we barely get to enjoy.  So when we do get the chance to get some shut-eye, we want the best experience possible. 

A nice, big, fluffy pillow.  Newly-changed sheets.  A comforter soft as a cloud.  Get us any of these things, and make sure not to disturb us when we’re enjoying your gift. 

That would actually be the BEST gift of all!  

Gift Basket Of Snacks 

Rest days are precious, and most of the time, hoteliers would rather veg out in front of the TV watching Netflix while bingeing on their favorite snacks whenever they get the day off. 

One surefire way to make a hotelier happy is by giving her a basket-full of all her favorite snacks for her to munch on while watching her current favorite series.

Gift Baskets of food and snacks as a christmas gift. by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Hotel Staycation Gift Certificate

Who doesn’t want to be on the other side of the fence, for a change?  Being a hotelier is fun.  However, sometimes we also want to experience what it’s like being the guest, instead of the employee. 

It’s also nice to be able to sleep in a big, white fluffy bed, enjoy a hotel breakfast and swim in the hotel pool. 

Gain extra bonus points if the certificate is for a property where nobody knows her, so that she will not feel self-conscious when enjoying the amenities.

Hoteliers are some of the hardest workers there are, and if you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, make sure to treat her this coming Christmas season. Let her know that she deserves whatever she’ll find in her Christmas stocking, with these perfect Christmas gifts ideas!

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Written by Angel Lam Ko

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