Weird Food Requests

As a chef or waiter there is no end to the weird food requests that we receive from customers.

I asked people in the industry for their most confusing and weird food requests, comments and complaints from customers.  And they didn’t disappoint me!


I started off with the first of the weird food requests and sat and watched other examples roll in!



The customer ordered the Steak tartare and asked that it be cooked “well done”!?!


Franklin Adalid:

Customer:  I’ll have the steak.

Me: And how would you like that?

Customer:  Unwell

Restaurant full of customers, one customer ordering a steak and asking for it to be cooked "unwell". Weird Food Requests by Cheffie Tales from the Kitchen



Jose Enrique Soriano

A customer asked for their Boquerones en vinagre  to be fried?!



Vanj Galvez:

Over easy ang order pero gusto WD ung yolk 😵‍💫

The order is eggs over-easy but he wants a well done (WD) yolk



Arrceo Aris Contreras:

Prito Sa Tubig

A customer asked for something to be “fried in water”



Marco Saludez:

E yung nilagyan ng asin bago tikman tapos biglang sabi maalat daw yung pagkaluto?

A customer who added salt to his meal before tasting it, and then said “the food was too salty”

Split image of a customer shaking salt onto her food and then calling a waiter over to tell him her food is too salty. Weird Food Requests by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines



Erica Cua-del Rosario:

Customer: Why no rice? What am I going to do here?

(The customer didn’t check if the dishes he ordered came with rice, and he didn’t order any. When the food came he was unhappy there was no rice)


Edmund Thomas Villanueva:

Meron pa ako sa hotel: grill station

Chicken breast kinuha sabi sakin pa well done daw! Ahmmm MALAMANG!


At the Hotel Grill Station:

The person asked for chicken breast and told me to cook it well done. Umm OBVIOUSLY!



Edmund Thomas Villanueva:

kumuha ng yang chow fried rice at sweet and sour pork, pero allergic daw sa MSG (Monosodium glutamate)! Gusto ko sabihing wala pong such thing as allergy sa MSG, baka dietary preference po


A customer orders the Yang Chow Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour Pork, but tells us they are allergic to MSG (Monosodium glutamate)! I want to tell them that there is no such thing as an allergy to MSG, maybe they have a dietary preference



Erica Quemado:

Umorder ng well done na steak. Pinabalik kasi matigas, paki luto pa raw nang maigi.


Customer orders a steak cooked well done. Returns it because it’s tough and tells us to cook it some more.



Umorder ng kani salad pero allergic siya sa seafood kaya paki tanggal daw po anything seafood.…


Customer ordered a crab salad but asks us to remove all the seafood because she’s “allergic to seafood.”


Garrycabato Victorio Cabatogarry:

A customer ordered Pork Siomai but without the pork?!

Restaurant guest ordering Pork Siaomi but asking that it contains no pork. Weird Food Requests by Cheffie Tales from the Kitchen


Onad Pedrava:

Humingi ng hot sauce tapos magrereklamo bakit daw maanghang!


Customer asked for hot sauce and then complains his food is too spicy!



Mark Nacu:

Bawal sa shellfish na guest pero umorder ng scallops carpaccio


Customer says he can’t eat shellfish … and then orders Scallops Carpaccio



Jm Alvarez:

pakinit daw uli yung steak, lumamig daw kasi habang nagkkwentuhan sila!


A customer asked for his steak to be reheated because it was cold.  It was because he was talking and not eating!



Moses Rey Tunac:

Yung nagpa-add ng complimentary bread tapos di kinain yung additional hahaha!


When they ask for more complimentary bread, and then don’t even eat any of it



Meldin Santos:

Pa beer battered ng dilis


I had a customer who requested beer-battered anchovies


Rjae Ipac Bungag:

I feel guilty here, chef. I often order in a Chinese restaurant black jelly without jelly, and mango sago without sago.


Cheffie: naiintindihan ko to. At least madali lng gawin yung request.

I understand this. At least they’re easy requests.


Stephen Roales Uy:

D ako kusinero pero narinig ko lang kasabay kabay umorder. “Sizzling pork steak, medium rare ”

I’m not a cook but I just heard someone order, “Sizzling pork steak, medium rare”

Waiter talking to a chef and asking if a Sizzling Pork steak dish can be cooked "medium rare". Weird Food Requests by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines


Paolo del Rosario:

VIP: isang pork adobo pero kikoman ang gamitin nyo at paki tusta.


VIP Guest: “Pork Adobo, but use Kikoman and toast it”




Pablito Balatbat:

Umorder ng benteng order ng Pita bread (Á la carte) at garlic sauce tho isang order lang ng Beef Salpicao ang inorder.


Customer ordered 20 pita breads (Á la carte) and garlic sauce but only ordered one Beef Salpicao.



Pai Endaya:

A Burger King edition:

Customer: “Can I have a Cheeseburger with no cheese?”

Customers in a restaurant looking at someone asking to order a Cheeseburger but without the cheese. Cheffie Tales from the Kitchen for MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine Philippines



Jazmine Torralba – Endaya:

“Can I have a Bacon Mushroom Melt with no bacon please?”


Pablito Balatbat:

May isa pa pala chef, umorder ng Nachos S.o. separate all (chilli con carne, grated cheese, cheese sauce, yougurt, tomato,onion, avocado, cilantro, salsa) ang dami niyang ramikin sa lamesa nya!


The customer who ordered Nachos but wanted it all served in separate dishes (chilli con carne, grated cheese, cheese sauce, yogurt, tomato, onion, avocado, cilantro, salsa). The amount of ramekins he had on his table!



Do you have any weird food requests or orders from customers?

Let me know in the comments.

What do you think?

Written by Kevin Endaya

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