Status Of The Philippine Hospitality & Tourism Industry: Survey March-Aug 2020

In September 2020 MY RANGGO launched its 2nd survey.  This survey was specifically for Hospitality and Tourism business owners. Our aim was to establish how the COVID-19 Tourism Shutdown has affected their business during the months of March-August 2020.

Read our 1st Survey:  The Effects of COVID19 on Hospitality & Tourism Industry Staff and Owners


A total of 88 People with Hospitality & Tourism businesses took our second survey, with 81 survey completions.

40% of those answering our survey have been open for less than 4 years and could be considered most at risk, in terms of surviving closure for 7 months. Business experts give a guide of 2-3 years in operation, on average, before a business starts to make a profit.

22% of those taking part had either already closed permanently, or will close permanently.

The impact of a Tourism Lockdown will not just be directly felt by the Tourism and Hospitality Industry but also other businesses such as realtor and landlords.   31% said they had or would be terminating their Land, or Land & Building Lease, or selling their property. In some cases they will adapt their business to be online but others will close permanently.

Read our latest survey results below:-

Front Cover of a survey on the impact of lockdown on the Hospitality & Tourism Industry in the Philippines

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