Nicole “Nic” Anne Aurora Go Thorp

Nicole “Nic” Anne Aurora Go Thorp
Communications Associate at Verde (formerly Mulligans, Makati)

Verde has replaced the well-known Irish pub, Mulligans in Makati. Nic, who is the daughter of the owner, conceptualized Verde to be a Cultural Hub where like minded people can meet and strike up conversations. With an eclectic live music spectrum as well as Dj’s Verde is a great new venue to visit in Makati’s Poblacion. Under Nicoles direction, Verde has already been used as the venue and entertainment for a number of fundraising events.

Three things you make sure you focus on in your work:

Keep a To-Do list
Keep my creativity-side of this business flowing, so I don’t get burnt out
Take a break, at some point during the day, for personal wellness such as a fitness class.

Top tip for your Hospitality colleagues:

Always be open to learning from your peers, no matter what position they are in. It’s important to keep increasing your skills and to be open to new ideas.

Your Activities:

At Verde, we take pride in being a cultural hub. It’s where like minds can meet and engage in conversations that strike a connection somehow; be it in music, art, sports, fashion, dance or anything. Since we opened back in late October 2019, we started our mission of trying to do one event per month which gives back in one way or another.

For our very first fundraising event we collaborated and worked closely with Fund The Forest for their launch. This was a fundraiser that involved four live acts and four DJ’s throughout the night. The whole event felt like a mini festival. A portion of the money raised contributed to an advocacy fund for the reforestation of the Aeta community in Yangil, Zambales.

Inspirations: Who or what inspired you?

For conceptualizing Verde, I feel that I gained (and continue to gain) my inspiration through experiences I’ve encountered throughout the years. From different events, festivals, cultures, and establishments I’ve immersed myself in throughout my travels.

I try my best to save up and travel, to really freshen my mind and to gain better perspective of how things are done all over the world. It’s nice to absorb what I see and experience, and then turn it into something that I can add my own touch to.

What’s in your Future?

I actually have a lot of ideas constantly flowing through my mind for possible projects I would like to pursue in the future; definitely related to Public Relations and Journalism. But for now you can enjoy what Verde has to offer and hopefully also pass by NIC’S to see another project of mine!

What do you think?

Written by Mike Vargas

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