Athena – Hospitality Problems (Facebook Forum)

Athena – Hospitality Problems (Facebook Forum)
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Hospitality Problems a MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero Hospitality Problems a MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

Name of Industry Project: Hospitality Problems

This is a community page on Facebook, intended for students and personnel of the hospitality industry. It is a place to share our common problems and experiences positively. I started the page myself in 2015. About 5 years in I needed help and I now have 17 co-admins from Luzon, Visaya’s, Mindanao and overseas, helping with the page.

Three things you make sure you focus on in your work:

I make sure that I have a community, that gathers everyone in the industry and who will help each other hand in hand

I focus on offering a helping hand to followers of the page. And I do this without anything in return because it makes me happy knowing I could help, at least, in this way

I make sure that I learn from every experience and new idea we share on the page. And at the same time acknowledge those great stories from the community

Top tip for your Hospitality colleagues: Be kind. Nothing beats a kind heart. With kindness, you can do everything such as what I and my team do now.

Inspirations: The hospitality industry itself – because it is always challenging.

What’s in your Future? Hopefully, we can have an actual and official community, exclusively for personnel in the Hospitality Industry, with great perks and privileges.

The Hospitality Problems Team: Antonio dela Cruz | Claire Frances Joy Espartero | Renabelle Santos | Carlo Joseff | Villanueva Azurin | Oliver Lance Caramat | Cheska Manalo | Ariel Pilapil | Mhe-ann Balierbare |Jeng Tafalla | Blazie Lopez | Edrian John Martinez | Nellaine Mariz Go | Kate dela Cruz | Justin | MJ Botio | Priscila Anne

What do you think?

Written by Mike Vargas

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