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Filipino Restaurant Remy’s Wins UK Award

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Filipino Restaurant Remy’s Wins UK Award

Remy’s Café Kulinarya wins UK Restaurant Awards by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Filipino Restaurant Remy’s Wins UK Award

Filipino Restaurant Remy’s wins UK Award as one of the top 15 Independent restaurants in England.  Remy’s Café Kulinarya, on Kings Road, St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex is already a favorite of one of MY RANGGO’s team, who found the restaurant ‘by accident’ back in 2018 during a holiday.

Remy’s serves delicious home cooked food and cakes.  The menu includes signature dishes from the Philippines and Southeast Asia, as well as traditional English breakfasts, lunches, Sunday Roasts and afternoon teas. Remy’s is also really popular for coffee and their home-made cakes.

Remy’s latest award came via a Review Site, which based their awards on restaurants with the highest ratings on TripAdvisor.  Remy’s has a 5/5 rating and an 86% Excellent review rating.

“We have picked out some of the highest-rated independent restaurants from up and down the country.  From Nepalese feats to terrific Tapas, going by what the people on the street have said about these fantastic establishments”.

Aurimas Vainauskas, CEO of Coffee Friend.


Remy’s also features in TripAdvisors Traveler’s Choice top 10% of restaurants worldwide!  This is a significant achievement.   MY RANGGO spoke to Remy about the wonderful news.


MY RANGGO: How did it feel when you heard the news Remy’s was in the top 15 UK Independent Restaurants and the Top 10% Travelers Choice Worldwide Restaurants?

Remy: Very pleased, obviously! We’ve worked hard to create something different with a quality customer experience. It is wonderful to get recognition for that.


MY RANGGO: Where are you from originally?

Remy: I’m from a small village called Perez in the vicinity of Meycauayan City, Bulacan Region, Philippines. I moved to Hastings & St Leonard’s, in the UK, in 1994


MY RANGGO: Did you work in a restaurant in the Philippines before that?

Remy: I haven’t worked in a restaurant, no.


MY RANGGO: How long has Remy’s Been open?

Remy: My husband and I opened Remy’s in December 2016


MY RANGGO: The frontage of Remy’s is a stunning example of Art Nouveau design

Remy: Yes, the Art Nouveau shopfront dates from 1911, so it’s over 100 years old! 

It was refurbished prior to our Tenure.  The building and frontage is Listed*, however, no one would surely wish to change it!

Remy’s Café Kulinarya wins UK Restaurant Award by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine
The Art Nouveau shopfront dates from 1911
[*There are strict laws around refurbishing or repairing Listed Buildings in the UK.  Owners have to secure permission to make any alterations or repairs, which must be carried out within strict guidelines and by period experts].


MY RANGGO: What are your most popular Filipino dishes

Remy: All our dishes are equally as popular really.  We try to offer a range that give a flavour of the variety of dishes available in the Philippines.


MY RANGGO: Are there any ingredients that you find hard to get in the UK?

Remy: We do have to travel around a bit to get some of the ingredients, but most have become more available in recent years.


MY RANGGO: What are your most popular British menu items

Remy: Without a doubt our traditional Sunday Roast! We are usually fully booked on Sundays.


MY RANGGO: Is there a large Filipino population in Hastings & St Leonard’s (because of the nearby hospital)?

Remy: Yes, there are quite a few Filipinos in the area.

But it is fair to say that most Filipino customers actually come from further afield.

Remy’s Café Kulinarya wins UK Restaurant Award by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine
Inside is a mural reflecting cultural icons of both the Philippines and United Kingdom


MY RANGGO: What advice would you give to Filipino’s who want to open a restaurant

Remy: Think carefully about it! Hospitality and catering are hard taskmasters!

But if you do go for it, make sure you do it with love!


Remy’s is open Wednesday to Sunday (5 days) in the Spring/Summer and Thursday to Sunday (4 days) in the Autumn/Winter. If you are in the UK and want to book a table, enquire about their menus (which vary weekly), or organise a private function, you can contact them on 01424 272470 / 07711 587025 or by email at

The local paper reported on Remy’s award too. So, expect more people to visit and if you are in the UK, it may be best to book a table, to avoid disappointment.


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