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Philippines National Heroes Day

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Philippines National Heroes Day

  • Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes, Sometimes They Wear Uniforms and a Nameplate.
Philippines National Heroes Day. Not All Heroes Wear Capes by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Philippines National Heroes Day:

Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes, Sometimes They Wear Uniforms and a Nameplate.

On the Philippines National Heroes’ Day our thoughts turn to our known and unknown heroes, who laid the foundations for our independence after centuries under foreign rule. We also honor modern day heroes on this day, recognizing those who make our lives easier and better.

Philippines National Heroes’ Day:  Honoring Hoteliers.

I believe the hoteliers, and those who work in the Tourism and Service Industry also earn the honor of being celebrated on National Heroes Day. They fix problems you never knew existed; in ways you can’t even begin to imagine, just to make your experience or stay the best it can be.

While you are on vacation, they are there working double shifts, making sure all your needs are met.

When you make close to impossible requests, they do whatever it takes to deliver, as long as it makes your stay better.

During typhoons, when most people are at home cozy under their covers, they are there washing sheets and making sure that beds are nice and clean. Pulling out all the stops to make sure you feel safe and looked after.  (See MY RANGGO’S Hospitality Hero Jake Deray, Bell Service Man Herald Suites Manila).

During Christmas and New Year’s Eve when everyone is having dinner with family, they are busy in the kitchen cooking sumptuous meals for you to enjoy.

When you are feeling tired and sick, they send you soup, fruits and medicine and take good care of you. Even if they feel under the weather, too!

When you shout furiously at them, they try to understand that maybe you are just having a bad day. And still try to find ways to turn things around for you.

When they see you in the lobby with your family, they miss their own kids who were still sleeping when they left for work that morning. And who will probably be asleep when they get home.

What does it take to be a hero on National Heroes’ Day?

To be a hero to someone, I think you need to have:

  • A mind that thinks of ways to make other people’s lives better, easier.
  • A heart that truly cares for other people’s wellbeing.
  • A smile that brightens up even the gloomiest of days.
  • A hand that doesn’t hesitate to reach out and offer help.
  • Feet that walk the extra mile to help others.
  • And a spirit that tirelessly pursues to be of service to others.

Heroes don’t always wear capes.  Sometimes, you can find them assisting you in hotel lobbies, serving you in restaurants, cleaning your rooms, cooking your meals, ready to serve you with a smile even on a busy day, with empty stomachs and blisters on their feet.

Let’s take time to appreciate and say thank you to all service providers who make our hotel stays pleasant and memorable!

Happy National Heroes’ Day to all Filipino hoteliers in the Philippines and around the world!

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