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Hospitality Bloopers & Sabaw Moments by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Hospitality Bloopers/Hotelier “Sabaw” Moments

Hospitality Bloopers or “Sabaw” moments – we’ve all had them. When your brain turns into “soup” and you end up saying things that come out of the left field. 

Everyone commits bloopers on the job.  It might be due to lack of sleep, overfatigue, being overwhelmed with too many transactions, first day jitters, a fight with your significant other, or other personal problems.  

Some bloopers are suspension or dismissal-worthy.  While others are simply funny mistakes that will be the subject of briefing jokes, or staff room legends, for months or years to come.

I asked the fans and followers of Hugot Hotelier for some of their work bloopers.  And, I have to say, I’ve been delighted with the responses that I got. 

Here I present to you:

Hospitality Bloopers or Hotelier “Sabaw” Moments:

Sheena A:

Guest: Hi, this is Mr. Montinola blah blah blah.

Me: Okay Sir, I’ll transfer your call to the restaurant.

Kala ko o-order ng tinola                                                                   


Mari K:

“Good Morning Sir! Would you like to clean your room?”       

Celine S:

Check out na si guest pero nasabi mo “Enjoy your stay!”          

Celine S:

Me: Hi Good afternoon! For check in? 

Guest: Yes

Me: Alright! May I have your room number? 

Guest: ….

Me: ….      

Edelyn I:

“ANO PO SABAW?” sagot ko sa guest na nanghingi pala ng extra soap hindi soup!   

Regina B:

Sa sobrang busy, imbes na “May I have your room number, Sir?”, tinanong ng “May I have your number Sir”? ni GSA si pogi na guest.                                           

Hospitality Bloopers & Sabaw Moments by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine
May I have your phone number, Sir?

Camille D:

“How was your minibar?” (Instead of “How was your stay?”)


Rose R:

“May I borrow your passbook? (instead of passport)                  

Michiko M:

“May I ask for your birth of date?”                                                 

Katrina C:

“I’ll have the best man assist you sir.” (instead of bellman)      

Abegail M:

Unforgettable yung pa-check in pa lang guest mo tapos sabay tanong ka ng “how was your stay?”


Yrl H:

Room Boy: “What country are you from?”

Guest: (hindi naintindihan ng mabuti dahil my jetlag pa.) “Sorry?”

Room Boy: (hindi din naintindihan) “AHH! SAUDI.”                

 Ly-anne S:

“Have you emptied your mini-bar?” (Instead of safety deposit box)

 Grace P:

“I will send the room to your luggage.”                                         

Kitty E:

“I will transfer your room to room service.”                                

 Angelo L:

Na overwhelm sa dami ng check out. Tapos may dumating na naman at pumipila.

Me: Great Morning! Checking out Ma’am?

Guest: Kakadating pa lang namin pinapaalis mo na kami!


Jane C:

After doing actual checking of the due out room:

Staff: “Ma’am, guest is inside the luggage” (instead of inside the room)

(Call Security!)                                                                                    

Hospitality Bloopers & Sabaw Moments by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine
Ma’am, guest is inside the luggage!

Sherlad J:

“I will transfer your call to the house and lot department.”

(instead of lost and found department)                                         

Nicole L:

“You want your kettle to get out of your room?”                        

 Ja Jah A:

Guest asked for “butter” and I gave them water.                         

Hospitality Bloopers & Sabaw Moments by MY RANGGO Hospitality Magazine

Janelle I:

Returning guest’s passport, my brain suddenly malfunctioned and said: “Here’s your… your… your Airport Ma’am?”                                                                                 

Melanie M:

After handling so many phone calls, I was finally able to face the guest at the Front Desk and said “One moment sir, kindly stay on the line.”                                             

Angelix K:

“Twen Bid and Deluxe Keng!”                                                          

Joshua D:

Guest: I’m so tired! 

Me: Certainly Ma’am                                                                        

Angel M:

Pumasok ako 6AM only to realize na 2PM pa pala ang duty ko!  Hospitality Bloopers or “Sabaw” is great for rainy days like these, but this is one type of “sabaw” we certainly don’t want!  

How about you?

Have you experienced your own “oops” moment while on the job?

Share it with us in the comments!

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