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Inside Boracay: Week 24 and 16 Days until reopening

Inside Boracay: Week 24 and 16 Days until reopening

Inside Boracay: Week 24 and 16 days until Boracay Re-opens

Despite being open for only 4 months of 2018, the readers of Condé Nast Traveler still voted Boracay as the Number Two Island in Asia, behind Siargao which took the Number One spot. This vote breeds positive feelings and hope that Boracay’s travellers will be forgiving of her undressed state, whilst the rehabilitation continues.

Also, in the last week:

  • Confusion among workers for entry to Boracay
  • Alternative location considered for vendors, souvenir stall holders etc
  • New Arrival and Departure Pontoons for Tourists installed.
  • Day Passes and Visits from Family and Friends, guidelines announced


Inside Boracay: Week 24 – Rumors abound regarding Worker guidelines to enter Boracay

Various online forums have featured posts and discussions about the application process required to secure a workers ID to enter Boracay.   The biggest rumor, or maybe it was misinformed Jetty Port Staff, was that any Boracay Workers would be required to transfer their COMELEC (Commission on Elections) registration to Malay, rather than remaining registered to vote in their home province.

One Government Officer posted publicly, on her on Facebook wall, to clarify that there is no requirement for Boracay Workers to change their COMELEC registration to Malay.Inside Boracay: Week 24

Inside Boracay: Week 24 – October 5th Update from Akelco

Official Statement from Akelco, regarding the progress of Pole and Line replacement on the island.  Anyone who has seen the new poles and meters can’t fail to smile and the fact we can finally see the skies above Boracay, without hundreds of wires in the way, is nothing but a marked improvement:-

  • Pole erection: Target 150, accomplished 142
  • Line stringing (meter): Target 6977, accomplished 5505
  • Distribution transformer relocated : Target 25, accomplished 15
  • Pole retired: Target 110, accomplished 44
  • Kwhr-meter (clustered): Target 944 accomplished 847

Phase 1 and Phase 2 is near to completion. The management extends it deepest gratitude and respect to Boracay stakeholders in bearing with us in this undertaking; still, we are asking for your profound understanding until all works has been done. Rest assure that AKELCO together with Task Force Kapatid contingents of ECAR VI are working at their best to speed up line rehabilitation.

AKELCO is requesting the cooperation of whoever owns other cables attached to our distribution pole to coordinate with us A.S.A.P. so we could accomplish pole retirement in the soonest time.  Power interruption is still to be expected from 8:00AM to 5:00PM daily until October 15, 2018 to prevent untoward incident that may happen.

Thank you Task Force Kapatid ECAR VI: CAPELCO, GUIMELCO, ILECO I, ILECO II, ILECO III, ANTECO, NONECO, NOCECO, CENECO and National Electrification Administration.

Inside Boracay: Week 24 – October 5 Possible Solution for banned vendors and souvenir stall holders

MABOVEN (the Malay Boracay Vendors, Peddlers, Masseurs, Manicurists Association have approached Sangguniang Bayan members, and Malay’s Mayor Ceciron Cawaling, to assist them in a return to working on Boracay.

The Association became increasingly concerned by the proposals coming from the Boracay Interagency Taskforce, DENR, DILG and DOT to ban any of them trading on White Beach, or the beach path, when the island reopens.

As advised in our article last week, many of the Association members have been working for 20+ years and have secured relevant permits to operate.

“This is all that’s left for us. This is our livelihood. It was an extremely difficult time for poor people like us to be in this critical condition for almost five months. We do not have any other source of income. We know you will not let us down”. (MABOVEN) former president Adelfa Cuesta [1.]

Your Hospitality Hub was told that a solution is already being considered, which will offer a good location and be of benefit to other local home-grown businesses, with a Night Market too.  We’ll update as we receive more news

Inside Boracay: Week 24 – October 6 Feeding Program Initiative

Throughout the closure of Boracay, individuals, groups and associations have joined together to assist and help some of the more vulnerable communities.  These communities have undoubtedly been the ones most affected by the closure and loss of income.

On 6 October a feeding initiative took place at Boracay’s Ati Village. The village is home to 80 Children and 120 adults. The Ati tribe living on the island are considered Boracay’s earliest settlers and are among those most severely affected by the closure of the island.

Sister Victoria, Daughters Of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul explained that the feeding program is only enough to provide breakfast to nursing mothers and children 3 years and below. For children falling in the kindergarten to elementary school age group, one meal is given at school.  The program is expected to take place three times a week.

Some of the Ati members have managed to get construction work earning themselves P300 per day. But this money may be needed to support extended family, as well as their own.

The feeding initiative has been set up and the aim is to carry it out 3 times a week, whilst funds last. Those behind the initiative are also working on sustainable alternatives, to support the Ati community.

The group approached hotels on the island to donate gift certificates, which could be sold on to raise money. 100% of the proceeds of these Gift Certificates go to the feeding initiative. The Hobbit House have partnered with the initiative to prepare the food at cost. Hobbit House staff also volunteered to help transport and serve the food.

Discovery Shores was the first to donate gift certificates, followed by Coast Hotel, 357 Boracay and Chillax Flashpackers Hostel. The Gift Certificates are valid for one year at a special rate, which is lower than online rates. Black out dates do apply. Other island hotels have already agreed to issuing Gift Certificates.

The group behind the initiative also ran a feeding session at Balabag Elementary School, to 150 selected students. The group recognised that although the school has a feeding program for malnourished children funded by government, there are other children still in need.

Anyone who would like to get involved, or who would like to donate or offer Gift Certificates, should contact Atty Butch Sebastian

Inside Boracay: Week 24 – October 9 New Arrival and Departure Pontoons in place

Due to unfinished work on the main roads of Boracay.  And to try to ensure as enjoyable a stay as possible for the first tourists visiting Boracay.   The old Stations have been resurrected.

Tourists visiting Boracay will depart from Caticlan Jetty Port and will be transported to the island with a drop off at Stations 1, 2 or 3 depending where their hotel is located.   Tourists will be informed which boat to board at Caticlan.  Boat Transfers will operate between 6am-6pm. Workers and Residents will have separate entry and departure points; Manoc Manoc Jetty, and Cagban respectively.

Inside Boracay: Week 24 – October 9 Aklan Provincial PESO release details for securing Occupational and Individual Working Permits

October 9 saw a press release from PESO Malay about the Occupational and Individual Working Permits ID’s needed by workers to access Boracay

Individuals need to secure Occupational and Individual Working Permits for employment purposes in the Municipality of Malay, as stipulated in Municipal Ordinance No. 221, Series of 2005, and in accordance with the Revised Municipal Revenue Code of Malay specifically Chapter III, Article L thereof.  They should visit Aklan Provincial Public Employment Service Office (PESO), Kalibo

• Accomplished Application Form for Individual Mayor’s/Occupational Permit
• Photocopy of the following documents:
a. Barangay Clearance from place where the applicant resides
b. Police Clearance from place where the applicant resides
c. Health Certificate issued by the Malay Municipal Health Office
d. Endorsement/Recommendation from the Municipal Tourism Office
(for frontliners)

See Also

• List of employees attested by the employer (if any) or Accomplished Application Form for Individual Mayor’s/Occupational Permit
• Photocopy of the following documents:
a. Barangay Clearance from place where the applicant resides
b. Police Clearance from place where the applicant resides
c. Health Certificate issued by the Malay Municipal Health Office
d. Endorsement/Recommendation from the Municipal Tourism Office
(for frontliners)

For Foreign Employee:
a. Special Working Permit from Bureau of Immigration (BI) or Alien Employment Permit issued by Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
b. Health Certificate Requirements: Urine/Stool/X-ray Results must be submitted to the Malay Municipal Health Office during weekdays, except Wednesdays (until 10am only).

Occupational Permit Fee – P200.00


Inside Boracay: Week 24 Day Passes and Visits from Family and Friends

Caticlan Port Administrator, Niven Maquirang advised that One Day Passes will be available for non-Islanders who wish to spend the day on Boracay.  Such visitors will be required to leave valid ID at the security table, in Caticlan Jetty Port.

The same rule will apply to anyone making deliveries or collections to the island.

For family and friends who will be visiting Islanders in their private homes, the owner/relative should create a letter advising that they are ‘sponsoring’ the guest/s who will be staying with them. This letter should be addressed to the Boracay Security Committee, and delivered to the office of the The Jetty Port Administrator.


Inside Boracay: Week 24 – Condé Nast Traveler Readers vote Boracay No 2 Island in Asia

Condé Nast Traveler Readers voted Boracay No 2 Island in Asia for 2018 [2.]. Despite the island only being open for 4 months at the start of the year.  First place went to Siargao this year.  This is great for Siargao but also a concern for islanders there, who have already struggled to support the additional tourists its seen since Boracay’s closure in April.

With improved resources and infrastructure, which will continue to be built during the next 14 months, Boracay Islanders are confident of taking Number 1 again.


Inside Boracay: Week 24 – A Week In Photos


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